Secure KVM Switch, NIAP 3.0 Certified - Dual-Monitor, HDMI 4K60, USB, Audio


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Black Box SS4P-DH-HDMI-U

Secure KVM switches protect against cyber intrusion and meet the strict requirements of the latest NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices version 3.0.

SS4P-DH-HDMI-U Features

  • Tested and certified to NIAP Protection Profile version 3.0
  • HDMI video up to UHD 4K (3840x2160 at 60Hz), USB HID, and stereo audio
  • Equipped with anti-tampering protection such as tamper evident hologram seals, chassis intrusion, fixed firmware and automatic keyboard data clearing
  • Absolute secure and isolation between data paths
  • Secure EDID learning and emulation
  • Non-reprogrammable ROM
  • Supports balanced speaker outputs and switching

The Black Box Secure KVM Desktop Switches allow a single operator to control up to four HDMI computers from a single workplace using one set of keyboard and mouse and two HDMI monitor. They provide peace of mind knowing that each connection is secure. Options include 2- or 4-port switches.

The Secure KVM Desktop Switches protect your sensitive data using the latest technology. The switches have isolated channels to ensure that data is not leaked between secure ports and the outside world. To prevent eavesdropping attempts through vulnerable devices, the switches support uni-directional data flow from computer to peripheral. Mechanical, electrical, and optical isolation stop hacking and data leaks in environments where security is critical. Plus, secure EDID learning prevents unwanted and unsecure data from being transmitted through DDC lines. The Secure KVM Desktop Switches use protected firmware to keep intruders from re-programming or reading the firmware. Keyboard/internal cache wiping and chassis intrusion protection provide even more security. The Secure KVM Desktop Switches also use anti-tamper switches and tamper-evident seals to shield your confidential data.

Why Secure KVM
Connecting peripherals such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers to a PC introduces potential data leakage and hacking risks. Secure KVM Switches are designed for use in any application where sensitive data must be protected, including defense, government agencies, and intelligence. Secure KVM Switches from Black Box are NIAP PP 3.0 certified and equipped with the highest security features that meet today's Information Assurance safe control standards. The switches contain unique hardware configurations that prevent data leakage between PCs and connected peripherals eliminating potential cyber threats.

Product Includes

  • (1) NIAP 3.0 Secure Dual-Head HDMI KVM Switch
  • (1) 12-VDC Power Supply with Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide

SS4P-DH-HDMI-U Package Content

Technical Specifications

Input (2) 3.5mm stereo audio
Output (1) 3.5mm stereo audio
Humidity 0 to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing
Storage Temperature -4 to +140° F (-20 to +60° C)
Operating Temperature 32 to 104° F (0 to 40° C)
Power External 100-240 VAC/12VDC 2A @ 36W
Item Specifications
Connectors Input Interface: (8) HDMI (Female);
Output Interface: (2) HDMI (Female);
Input: (8) USB Type-B;
Output: (2) USB Type-A for KM devices;
USB: Input: (4) USB Type-B;
Output: (1) USB 1.1 Type 1.1 Type-A for KM devices
Dimensions 2.7"H x 12.57"W x 6.69"D
Weight 4.2 lb. (1.90 kg)
Emulation USB 1.1 & USB 2.0 Compatible
Input Cable Length Up to 20-ft. (6.1-m)
DDC 5V p-p (TTL)
Output Cable Length Up to 20-ft. (6.1-m)
User Console Interface Input: (4) HDMI 19-pin female;
Output: (2) HDMI 19-pin female
Resolution (Maximum) Up to 4K (3840x2160 @ 60Hz)
Input Equalization Automatic

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