NTI USB KVM Extender via CAT5



Recommended replacement: Adder X200AS-USB/P-US
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The NTI XTENDEX ST-C5USBV USB KVM extender provides local and remote KVM (USB keyboard, USB mouse and VGA monitor) access to a USB computer or NTI KVM switch up to 1,000 feet using CAT5/5e/6 UTP cable, which overcomes the USB five meter limitation.

Each ST-C5USBV consists of a zero-U local unit (connects to a computer, and provides local keyboard, monitor and mouse connections) and a desktop remote unit (connects to a keyboard, monitor and mouse or the inputs of an NTI switch). The local and remote units are interconnected via CAT5/5e/6 cable.

  • Supports local and remote access.
  • Automatically adjusts the video quality to compensate for varying lengths of CAT5/5e/6 cable.
  • Simple On Screen Display (OSD) menus allow users to configure the extender, adjust for video skew, and fine-tune video quality for optimal video resolution.
  • Maximum 1024x768 video resolution at 1,000 feet; higher resolutions are supported at shorter distances up to 1920x1440.
  • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
  • Keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation for flawless operation.
  • Color-coded LEDs on both the local and remote units indicate power status and verify communication is established between the units.
  • Built-in surge protection.



Local Unit Details:

  • Hosts
    • Male USB Type A / male 15-pin HD connectors.
    • Compatible with any USB-enabled host computer, including:
      • Any USB-enabled SUN, including SUN Blade 100, Sun Blade1000, SUN Ray and SUN FireŠ 280R.
      • PCs with USB-enabled OS (Win 98/2000/XP) and USB ports.
      • HP J5000
      • PCs with USB-enabled BIOS (legacy USB support) and USB ports.
      • Any MAC G4, G5 or Xserve.
    • Compatible with NTI UNIMUX KVM Switch.
    • Keyboard and mouse presence are emulated 100% of the time so the computer boots error-free.
  • Local Access
    • Crisp and clear 1920x1440 video resolution.
    • Female 15-pin HD connector.
    • Female USB Type A connectors.
    • NTI recommends using identical keyboards and mice at local and remote units.
  • Cables
    • CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 UTP straight through cable for TIA/EIA-568B wiring terminated with standard RJ45 connectors (not included).

Remote Unit Details:

  • Monitor
    • Female 15-pin HD connector.
    • Supports XGA/VGA/SVGA monitors.
    • A multiscan VGA monitor is required to display the different video outputs from different platforms.
    • Automatic video quality adjustment provides optimum image quality for various lengths of CAT5/5e/6 cable.
    • On Screen Display (OSD) menus provide additional control, allowing users to fine-tune video image quality and adjust for cable skew.
    • Video skew can be adjusted up to 1000 feet via OSD menus to prevent color separation, allowing the use of CAT6 cable.
    • Supports the DDC2B protocol.
  • Devices
    • Female USB Type A connectors.
    • Supports most USB keyboards with Windows, SUN or MAC layout, and most USB mice (up to three buttons) or trackballs, including:
      • USB IntelliMouse (scrollwheel).
      • Microsoft, Logitech or Kensington wheel mice or trackballs on MAC computers (support for all buttons).
      • Logitech Cordless Elite Duo.
      • Crystal Vision keyboard with touchpad.
      • Gyration keyboard/mouse.
    • The XTENDEX CAT5 USB KVM Extender will only work with USB keyboards and mice. It is not designed to support other USB devices.
    • Compatible with all NTI UNIMUX KVM Switches.

NTI ST-C5USBV Specifications:

Mechanical Local Unit Remote Unit
Height 1.2 in. (3.04 cm.) 2.6 in. (6.604 cm.)
Width 3.5 in. (8.89 cm.) 8 in. (20.32 cm.)
Depth 3.1 in. (7.87 cm.) 6.2 in. (15.74 cm.)
Weight 2 Lbs. (0.907 kg.) 2 Lbs. (0.907 kg.)
Operating Temperature 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C) 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)
Storage Temperature -20°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C) -20°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)
Relative Humidity 17 to 90% non-condensing RH 17 to 90% non-condensing RH
Operating Voltage 110 to 220 VAC 100 to 220 VAC
Power Frequency 50-60 Hz (60hz via AC Adapter) 50-60 Hz (60hz via AC Adapter)
Consumption 5W 10W
Regulatory Approval CE CE
Question: Can I just order the power adapter?
Answer: Yes, the power adapter is available for purchase separately.
Power supply: SW-ACADAPETER (ST-C5USBV) - Your Price $16.00 (List $20.00). Please call 1-877-586-6654 to place your order.