Linksys 6' KVM Cable SVPS06



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The Linksys ProConnect CPU Switch Cables allow you to effortlessly connect a computer's monitor, keyboard, and mouse to a Linksys ProConnect CPU Switch. These easy-to-use cable kits will keep your office or workspace organized, easy to manage, and free of cable clutter. Available for each of the Linksys CPU Switch units for both AT and PS/2-style computers, all of the cables are fully tested and ready for use with high-performance equipment as well as your home computers, with an unmatched durability that's backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

  • 6 Feet of Cable--Reaches PCs Easily in Server Closets, Testing Areas, Labs, and More
  • Specially Shielded to Protect Against Electromagnetic Interference
  • Flexible Cable Jacket
  • Sturdy Construction
  • UL, FCC and CSA Certified
  • Free Technical Support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  1. Monitor:
    1. Male 15-pin DB-15 High Density VGA/SVGA Monitor Cable
    2. Fully Compatible with and Most Standard
    3. Monitors and Multisync Monitors ports
  2. Keyboard:
    1. Male-to-Male 6-pin Mini-DIN PS/2 Keyboard Cable
    2. Fully Compatible with Most PS/2 Keyboard Ports
  3. Mouse:
    1. 6-pin Mini-DIN PS/2 Mouse Cable
    2. Fully Compatible with Most PS/2 Serial Mouse Ports

Note: The 6' Cable Kits are not compatable with the ProConnect 8-Port CPU Switch