ATEN Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter



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ATEN SXP320 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter
The SXP320 is an interface converters that allows Centronics and RS-232 devices to communicate with each other (a computer with an RS-232 output to a Centronics Parallel printer, for example). The unit is reversable enabling you to convert from serial to parallel or parallel to serial. These two way converters provide a DB-25 RS-232C (DCE) compatible connector, and a C-36 Centronics connector. The serial baud rate is from 1200 to 115200 bps. (selectable by DIP Switch). The parallel interface speed for the SXP320 is 11.52 KB/sec. The units support both hardware and software (XON/XOFF) handshaking. Setup is extremely easy. All that is involved is setting the DIP Switch and connecting the cables.

ATEN SXP320 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter  Features: DIP Switch for Direction Setting Serial baud rate 1200 to 115200 bps (DIP switch selectable) DB25 to Centronics-36 (C36) Parallel Interface 11.52 KB/sec. Easy Installation Compact Size

ATEN SXP320 Function Diagram
ATEN SXP320 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter

ATEN SXP320 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter Specifications:

Width 13 in. (33.02 cm.)
Height 14.75 in. (37.47 cm.)
Length 20.25 in. (51.44 cm.)
Case Qty. 20
Case Wt. 21.65 lbs. (9.74 kg.)
Power Consumption 9 V, 200 mA (0AD1-0109-021)