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ATEN SXP325 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter (Buffered)
The Aten SXP325 is an interface converters that allows Centronics and RS-232 devices to communicate with each other (a computer with an RS-232 output to a Centronics Parallel printer, for example). The unit is reversable enabling you to convert from serial to parallel or parallel to serial. The SXP325 is configured with 512 KB of memory allowing it to serve as a printer buffer. These two way converters provide a DB-25 RS-232C (DCE) compatible connector, and a C-36 Centronics connector. The serial baud rate is from 1200 to 115200 bps. (selectable by DIP Switch). The parallel interface speed for the SXP325, it is 1.5 MB/sec. The units support both hardware and software (XON/XOFF) handshaking. Setup is extremely easy. All that is involved is setting the DIP Switch and connecting the cables.

ATEN SXP325 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter (Buffered) Features: DIP Switch for Direction Setting Serial baud rate 1200 to 115200 bps (DIP switch selectable) DB25 (DCE) to Centronics-36 (C36) Parallel Interface 1.5 MB/sec. Built In Buffer for Efficient Operation (512KB) Easy Installation Compact Size

ATEN SXP325 Function Diagram
ATEN SXP325 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter (Buffered) Function Diagram

ATEN SXP325 Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter Specifications:

Width 13.5 in. (34.29 cm.)
Height 13.5 in. (34.29 cm.)
Length 20 in. (50.8 cm.)
Case Qty. 20
Package Dimensions  
Height 6.25 in. (15.875 cm.)
Depth 2.5 in. (6.35 cm.)
Width 9.5 in. (24.13 cm.)
Package Wt. 1 lbs. (2.54 kg.)
Unit Wt. 0.1 lbs. (0.045 kg.)
Case Wt. 21.45 lbs. (9.65 kg.)
Depth 1 in. (2.54 cm.)
Width 2.5 in. (6.35 cm.)
Height 4 in. (10.16 cm.)
Question: What replacement do you have? Does it need a separate power supply? Do you have the DIPswiches settings?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we could not come up with a viable replacement. In terms of power supply and dip switch settings, we were able to locate a manual for the SXP325A. It can be found here:

Question: need manual for Aten SXP325A, link on website does not work
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Here is an alternative location to download the PDF manual.