Cyclades-TS3000 48-port console server



Recommended replacement: Raritan DSX2-48M
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Cyclades TS3000 Serial Server (TES0090)
The Cyclades-TS family of Console Servers provides you secure and reliable management of your network and servers from anywhere in the world. Available in many different port count models in a 1U form factor, the Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090).

Security features such as SSH v2, RADIUS authentication, IP filtering, and user access lists per port allow data center managers and system administrators to remotely manage the network and servers with greater control and peace of mind.

The Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090) console management features such as data buffering, direct access methods to the serial ports (such as TCP port and server name) and event notification improve monitoring capabilities, allowing faster problem solving actions and higher network uptime.

Instead of using proprietary software technologies, the Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090) leverages on Open Source software (Linux), giving users the freedom to customize its operation, modifying or adding features as needed.

The Cyclades-TS family of Console Servers decreases network maintenance costs while increasing efficiency and productivity. That's why the Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090) is the right choice for secure in-band and out-of-band data center management.

Cyclades TS-Series (TES0090) Diagram
Cyclades TS-Series Function Diagram (TES0090)

Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090) Applications:

  • Console Management

  • Server and Network Management

  • Terminal Server

  • Industrial/Commercial Automation

  • Ethernet-attached Serial Board Replacement

  • Benefits

  • Secure In-band and Out-of-band Network Management

  • Rack space savings (1U form factor)

  • Improved Network Monitoring

  • Rock-solid stability (Linux Inside)

Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090) Features and Benefits

  • Operating System: Linux

  • Accessibility:  In-Band (Ethernet) and Out-of-band (Dial-up modem) support

  • Security:  SSH v1 and v2; Local, RADIUS, TACACS+ and LDAP Authentication; Token-based strong authentication (SecurID); Local backup user authentication support; PAP/CHAP authentication (for dial-up lines); IP Packet and Security Filtering; User Access Lists per port; System Event Syslog

  • Console Management:  Sun break-safe (Solaris Ready Certified); Break Over SSH support; Off-line data buffering - Local or Remote (NFS/Syslog); Timestamp for data buffering; Unlimited number of simultaneous sessions; Simultaneous access on the same port (port sniffing); Clustering (central access to multiple console servers); Event notification (email, pager, SNMP trap)

  • Port Access: Directly by TCP port, IP address or server name; Telnet/SSH with menu; HTTP/HTTPS

  • System Management: Configuration wizard for first time users; Command Line Interface (Linux Shell); Web Management Interface (HTTP/HTTPS); SNMP

  • Cabling: CAT5 compatible adapters for simpler cabling (sold separately)

  • Upgrades: Upgrades available on FTP site, no charge; Flash upgradeable; TFTP support for network boot

  • Customization: Cyclades Development Kit (CDK) available for custom applications, no charge

  • Additional Protocols Supported: DHCP for dynamic IP address assignment; PPP/SLIP for dial-up; NTP for time server synchronization; RFC2217 support for remote serial port access

Cyclades TS3000 (TES0090) Specifications


TS3000: 17 x 8.5 x 1.75 in (43.18 x 21.59 x 4.45 cm)


TS1000/TS3000: 17 x 7 x 1.75 in (43.18 x 17.78 x 4.45 cm)



Operating Temp

Operating Temperature 50°F to 112°F (10°C to 44°C)

Storage Temp

Storage Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)


5% to 90% non-condensating



Operating Voltage & Power Supply

Internal 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 17W max (TS3000)

Supported Hardware



MPC855T (PowerPC Dual-CPU)


128MB RAM / 16MB Compact Flash (TS3000)


1 Ethernet 10/100BT on RJ45
1 RS232 Console on RJ45
RS232 Serial Ports on RJ45


FCC Part 15, A
EN55022, A
EN55024 (TS1000/TS2000/TS3000)
UL 1950 (TS1000/TS2000/TS3000)
Solaris Ready

Question: Hi there, I would like to know if the facilities connection of TES 0090 are the same available in TS 3000 (We can assume that the pinouts at Cyclades TES0090 ports are the same as for the older models, standard for RS232 on RJ45 connectors)?.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It is our understanding that the discontinued TES0090 and the TS3000 are the same model. Looking through the TS manual, it does appear that all Cyclades-TS Console Access and Terminal Servers use the same pin out. Detailed pin-out information can be found in Appendix B of the user guide, which can be downloaded here:

Question: HTS and ECCN for this product?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

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