Raritan Rackmount LCD Monitor with 42 Port KVM Switch


Recommended replacement: Raloy RWX119
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The Raritan's TMZUST1500-DC-H  connectivity is raised from 42 servers to 64, with daisy chain topology, the connection is suited for high-density environment and all-in one SMB enterprise settings.  Raritan's TMZUST1500-DC-H KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Drawer is the first in the industry to offer the convenience of using standard UTP cabling to connect servers up to 1,000 feet away. The TMZUST1500-DC-H LCD KVM Drawer integrates Raritan's innovative Z-Series KVM switch, enabling selection and control of up to 42 servers without consuming precious rack space.

The TMZUST1500-DC-H 1U design allows IT professionals to manage data center operations and server rooms directly from the racks where the servers are installed.  Raritan's TMZUST1500-DC-H rackmount LCD drawer also provides seamless integration with Raritan solutions, for powerful anytime, anywhere access to servers and other network devices at the rack, from the office or from around the world.  The Raritan TMZUST1500-DC-H is for DC-only power distribution environment and supports multi-platform environments.

Raritan Rackmount LCD TMZUST1500-DC-H Features and Benefits:

  • Features and innovations that deliver what you demand.
  • Industrial design for space critical environments
  • High quality Grade A 15" LCD, TFT display
  • Resolution support up to 1024 x 768
  • Extra strength tempered glass, safe in industrial applications
  • Heavy duty keyboard and touchpad pointing device
  • Physical lock to prevent unwanted access to server consoles
  • Space Saving and Efficient
  • Space saving 1U design takes up to 85% less space than a standard keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
  • Low power consumption model draws less power than CRT monitors, leaving more power for servers and storage.
  • Cable management arm neatly routes all cables.
  • Ergonomic format includes touchpad located below the space bar for centrally located input.
  • OSD and front panel controls allow for easy switching and adjustments.
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Built-in Z-Series KVM switch with Cat5 Simplicity
  • Compatible with any KVM switch
  • Built-in auto-switching AC power supply eliminates need for external power bricks
  • Manage the setup, administration, and maintenance of rackmount servers in data centers, server rooms, and other space-critical industrial environments.