Raritan Telereach Dual User KVM Over IP



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Digital KVM access over IP to remotely manage all your servers

    Use Raritan TeleReach TR362 to:

  • Control servers across town
  • Support your worldwide data centers
  • Manage servers at branch offices from a central site Diagnose, reconfigure, and even reboot servers from home
  • Provide responsive customer service remotely
  • Avoid inconvenient travel at inconvenient times

Raritan TeleReach TR362 is convenient and secure KVM access over IP
Raritan TeleReach TR362 is the fastest, most reliable way to remotely access and manage multiple servers connected to a Raritan KVM Switch--no matter where you are or where your servers are located.

Raritan TeleReach TR362 -Access via Internet, LAN/WAN, or dial-up modem
Using TeleReach TR362, network administrators can remotely access and control any server or multiple servers connected to a Raritan KVM Switch over IP via the Internet, LAN or WAN, or dial-up modem.

Raritan TeleReach TR362 gives you complete out-of-band control of all servers
Raritan TeleReach TR362 connects to the keyboard, video, and mouse ports of a server or KVM switch. It captures, digitizes, and compresses video and transmits the video with keyboard and mouse signals to a remote PC. The remote user has direct access to servers for total control, from GUI applications to BIOS level troubleshooting, maintenance, administration, and even rebooting. Since TeleReach TR362 provides out-of-band access, servers are available even if the network is down.

Raritan's TeleReach TR362 provides convenient, secure digital KVM access over IP to your mission-critical servers.
With Raritan TeleReach TR362 you can access all the servers connected to your KVM switch and control them from your remote PC. It's exactly as if you were standing right at the servers in the data center.

Raritan TeleReach TR362 provides a non-intrusive, network-independent solution for remote server management, complementing in-band methods. Since the remote access and digitizing software run only on Raritan TeleReach TR362 and the remote PC, not on target PCs (servers), there is no interference to server operation or impact on network performance.

Raritan TeleReach TR362 incorporates many technological innovations and delivers superior performance over other remote access solutions. Its powerful frame-grabber employs video auto-sensing and unique digital compression algorithms to automatically maximize the use of available bandwidth. The result is high quality video, prompt keyboard and mouse response, and the security and reliability demanded by enterprises running 24x7 mission-critical operations.

Raritan TeleReach TR362 Features:

  • Out-of-band (keyboard, monitor, mouse) access to servers over IP
  • No impact on server or network performance
  • Servers accessible even if network is unavailable
  • Automatically senses video resolution for optimum display
  • Supports any mix of multi-platform servers transparently
  • High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization
  • Remote KVM access and control over IP via the Internet, LAN/WAN, or dial-up modem
  • Access from anywhere via Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser
  • Port to connect a KVM switch user console for use when TeleReach TR362 is not in use

Raritan TeleReach TR362 Comes With:

  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Internal Modem
  • Software
  • And Connection Cables