USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Active Extension Cable (A M/F), 16-ft.


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Extend a USB A Cable further than the 16ft. limitation with this active extension.

  • Premium double-shielded cables with tinned copper braid and aluminum mylar foil feature twisted 28/20 AWG data lines
  • Gold plated contacts provide superior conductivity for low and high speed devices (1.5 to 480 Mbps.)
  • Active extension cable regenerates USB signal for extra-long distances: daisy-chain up to 80-ft. in most applications
  • Extend a USB 2.0 signal passed the 16 ft.(5 m.) distance limitation
  • Works together with standard USB 2.0 cables
  • Bus powered signal booster
  • Daisychain up to 5 cables to extend the signal up to 80 ft. passed the 16 ft.(5 m.) distance limitation
  • The U026-016 provides up to 150mA of power to the connected device. If your device requires more than 150mA of power, it will either need to have its own power supply; or, to be plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub(such as U222-004-R) that is connected to the U026-016.