USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Cable, USB Type-C (USB-C) to USB Type-C M/M, 6-ft. Length


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Connect two devices with USB Type-C (USB-C) connectors, such as smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and computers.

Supports USB 2.0

  • Data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps
  • Power output up to 3A-perfect for fast charging of most mobile devices
  • Backward compatible with previous USB generations

USB Type-C Male Connector

  • Fumble-free reversible plug ensures fast, easy connection every time
  • Powerful enough for smartphones, tablets, computers and other larger platforms

Premium Construction

  • Gold-plated copper contacts and nickel-plated molded ends provide a lifetime of heavy use and superior conductivity
  • Superior foil shielding offers reliable, error-free data communication
  • Slim, sleek design tailored for emerging design trends toward smaller devices