ATEN USB Hub PC and MAC Compatible



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ATEN USB Hub PC and MAC Compatible UH107
ATEN Universal Serial Bus (USB) port technology has emerged in response to the proliferation of external peripheral devices (scanners, digital cameras, removable drives, etc.), that are increasingly being connected to the latest generation of PCs. USB behaves in a similar fashion to conventional bus ports (i.e., serial, parallel, PS/2), but since it does not require any IRQs, more devices can be attached to the system, and the problem of IRQ conflict is eliminated. The ATEN UH107 is an Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub, which is a USB cable concentrator and a bridge between PC USB Host Controller and USB devices. The ATEN UH107 is a full speed USB hub and it provides one upstream port and seven downstream ports. ATEN UH107 supports both full speed (12 Mbps) and low speed (1.5 Mbps) devices, such as keyboard, mouse, joystick and etc. The ATEN UH107 provides both Self-powered and Bus-powered modes. It has per-port overcurrent detection LEDs, as well as the per-port power ready LEDs.

ATEN UH107 Features:

  • Windows (95 OSR 2.1 and higher)
  • USB Plug & Play Compatible
  • 100% iMac Compatible
  • Supports both Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) and Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI)
  • Hot Pluggable (USB Devices can be plugged in and removed without having to reset the system) Per Port
  • Overcurrent Detection and protection LED Status Indicators

ATEN UH107 Requirements:

  • For PC Users Windows 98, 98SE,2000, ME, XP
  • For MAC Users Mac OS 8.6 or Greater
  • Available PCI Slot

ATEN UH107 Package Content:

  • 1 UH107 7-Port USB 1.1 hub 1 Warranty card 1 Users manual 1 AC adapter

ATEN UH107 Specifications:

Width 14.25 in. (36.20 cm.)
Height 14.75 in. (37.47 cm.)
Length 20.25 in. (51.44 cm.)
Case Qty. 20
On Line 4
Power On 1
Case Plastic
Case Wt. 29 lbs. (13.05 kg.)
Length 2.8 in. (7.11 cm.)
Height 1.0 in.(2.54 cm.)
Width 5.4 in. (13.72 cm.)
Operating Temperature 20 to 50 degrees (Celsius)
Storage Temperature 0 to 70 degrees (Celsius)
Ports 7 downstream, 1 upstream
Transfer Rate 12 Mbps
USB Specification 1.1 compliant
Humidity 20-80% RH, (Non Condensing)
Power Connections Bus or Self Powered
Operating System Support Win 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, MAC OS X or greater
Power Consumption 5.0V