Raritan Paragon 2 User, Up to 42 Port Matrix Switching Unit



Replaced by: Raritan P2-UMT242
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Enterprise-class solution

The Raritan Paragon UMT242-RK is a scalable, multi-platform, Cat5-based server management system with an impressive array of innovations that set it apart from traditional KVM switches. A flexible, high performance stand-alone KVM solution, its high port-density, Category 5 UTP connections, multi-platform compatibility and thin form factor also make it ideal for tiered configurations that will enable economical, secure, non-blocked multi-user access to 10,000 servers up to 1,000 feet from up to 64 users.

Innovative modular architecture

The Raritan Paragon UMT242-RK distributes switching and control functions across three modular, intelligent building blocks. Distributing KVM switching functions satisfies the most challenging server management requirements: meeting space, distance and capacity needs; eliminating any single point of failure; supporting scalable growth; and reducing total cost of ownership.

A Paragon system consists of the following components, all connected using enhanced Category 5 UTP cable:

  • Matrix Switching Unit--an intelligent, non-blocking control center that connects users to selected computers. It includes RJ45 jacks for connecting up to 2 User Stations and up to 42 Computer Interface Modules (CIMs).
  • User Station--connects each user console (PS/2 or Sun keyboard, mouse, and monitor) to the Matrix Switching Unit and provides user interface to computers.
  • Computer Interface Module (CIM)--connects each computer to the Matrix Switching Unit and provides dedicated, keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation and fail-safe KVM access.


  • 1U design supports 2 users, up to 42 servers
  • Expand to 16 users with Raritan's UKVMP2 or CIMPAC8R
  • Expand to 32 users with Raritan's HUBPAC8R
  • Expand to 10,000 servers
  • 19" rack mounting brackets
  • Locate users and computers up to 1,000 feet apart
  • Simple plug and play, auto-configure installation
  • Hot-swappable components
  • Platform-specific CIMs for PS/2, Sun, USB, serial devices
  • User Station supports both PS/2 and Sun keyboards
  • Supports high-resolution video--to 1600 x 1200
  • Powerful on-screen user interface for simple operation
  • Customized user profiles -- up to 512*
  • Flexible, multi-level security for authorized server access
  • Three system operation modes:
    Private mode--exclusive user control of selected computer
    PublicView mode--users can share video of selected computer
    PC-Share mode--users can share operation of selected computer
  • Flash firmware upgrades
  • User Station supports access to local PC via UKVMSPD
  • Add remote access over IP or modem with Raritan's TeleReach
  • Seamless compatibility with Paragon Ready™ products such as Raritan's MasterConsole® MXU2 and Z-Series™ Z4200U and IBMx330 with C2T technology