SmartAVI USB 2.0 CAT5 Transmitter (only) Includes: [USB-2PTX]


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The SmartAVI USB-2PTXS is a USB 2.0 over CAT5 Transmitter. It Includes the transmitter only: USB-2PTX. The USB2Pro extends standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 signals up to 325 feet using a single CAT5 cable. The USB2Pro supports all USB 2.0 high-speed devices, from keyboards to digital cameras and will operate on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. An integrated four-port hub allows for multiple devices to be connected to the USB2Pro at once. Additional USB hubs can be added, increasing the amount of devices that can be plugged into the USB2Pro. The receiver is sold seperately.

SmartAVI USB-2PTXS Features:

  • Supports USB 2.0 and 1.1 Devices
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems
  • Integrated Four-Port Hub
  • Bus-Powered Local Unit
  • Power Adaptor for Remote Unit
  • Plug-and-Play

SmartAVI USB-2PTXS Application Diagram
SmartAVI USB-2PTXS Application Diagram

SmartAVI USB2ProS Specifications:

Width 110 mm. (11 cm.)
Height 69 mm. (6.9 cm.)
Depth 28 mm. (2.8 cm.)
Weight 1.42 lbs. (0.65 kgs.)
Range 100 meters over CAT5 (or better) cable Transmitter unit USB connector 1 X USB Type A-6" captivated cable System connector Link connector 1 X RJ45 self power

Receiver unit Link connector
System connector Link connector 1 X RJ45 output unit USB connector 4 X USB Type A Power adapter Maximum Rating 5V DC @ 3A
Operating Temperature Range 0C to 50C
Regulatory testing FCC, CE Class A
ESD Rating
EMC EN-6 1000-4-2 4kV Contact, 8kV Air
Specifications subject to change without notification.
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UPC 813280023764
EAN 0813280023764