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Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA), the new USB 2.0 Port Replicator with VGA and dual-PC support is a result of Addlogix's expertise in video compression and KVM experience. For the first time, Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) bridges the world of VGA, USB, and non-USB peripherals to the computer with one single USB cable!

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) users simply connect the VGA display, Ethernet, speakers, microphone, USB printers, and other peripherals to UniXpress. All of these peripherals can then interface with the computer via one single USB cable. This cable will be the only cable the user connects or disconnects when the computer is on the go!

Addlogix USB-DOCK-VGA Diagram

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Diagram

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Dual-Display Support
One of the feature that sets UniXpress apart from other USB Port Replicators is that it offers VGA over USB. In fact, Addlogix's UniXpress supports high 1280 x 1024 XGA resolution.

Furthermore, Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) VGA port also provides features that are only found in high-end video graphics cards. It offers three types of video supports: 1) duplication mode (mirrors the notebook computer's screen), 2) extended mode (doubles the notebook computer's screen), 3) primary mode (acts as the only display). Through the USB port, users can now add a second monitor without installing video graphics cards. For computers that already support dual displays, a third screen can be added through UniXpress.

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Dual-PC Support
In addition to its versatile support for VGA displays, UniXpress also offers support for two USB-based computers. Many notebook computer owners also own a desktop computer. This 2-PC support feature allows a VGA monitor, keyboard, mouse, and every peripheral that are connected to the UniXpress to be switched between two computers with a simple push of a button or hotkey combination.

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Features and Benefits:

  • Allows notebooks and desktop computers to engage and disengage with peripherals via one single USB 2.0 cable
  • Compatible with any USB 2.0 based computers
  • Support high 1280 x 1024 XGA video resolutions
  • Works with VGA/XGA monitors, flat screens, mouse, keyboard, printers, PDA's, scanners, cameras, joysticks..etc
  • Advanced video functions allow addition of second or third screen
  • Supports DVD playbacks
  • Dual-PC Support allows peripheral and network connection sharing between two computers
  • Dual-PC Support offers 2-Port KVM function that allows control of two computers via a set of monitor/keyboard/mouse
  • Switch the peripherals via simple push button or hot-key combination
  • Plug-and-Play installation and operations with Windows98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Add or remove device without rebooting the computer

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Specifications:

  • 1 VGA Port (HD15 female)
  • 5 High-Speed USB 2.0 peripheral ports (USB Type A female)
  • 2 High-Speed USB 2.0 host ports (USB Type B female)
  • 1 Ethernet Jack (RJ45 socket)
  • 3 Audio (3.5mm) Jacks (speakers, microphone, line-in)

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Video Modes:

  • Duplication mode (mirrors the notebook computer's screen)
  • Extended mode (doubles the notebook computer's screen)
  • Primary mode (acts as the only display)

Addlogix UniXpress (USB-DOCK-VGA) Video Resolutions:

Color Depth
640 x 480
8, 16, 24 bit
800 x 600
8, 16, 24 bit
1024 x 768
8, 16 bit
1280 x 1024
8, 16 bit
Question: I have Samsung 900x3a Laptop with only USB and Hdmi connections, and a Dell Demension Desktop. I want to connect both and use Dual Monitors. This sounds like it will do the trick, but I don't see how Dual monitors will connect. Can you explain for send diagraham?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, this particular product has been discontinued. We have marked it as such on our website.