NTI USB to PS2 Adapter


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Connect legacy PS/2 computer to NTI USB switch or connect USB keyboard and mouse to legacy PS/2 computer or KVM User Console port.

NTI USB-PS2 Diagram
Network Technologies USB-PS2-R Diagram

Question: I have two new computers that I would like to connect to my KVM. The KVM is a PS2 type plug however the computers use USB. Is this the device I need, seems like it is overkill. The computers are DELL with Windows OS.
Answer: USB KVMs to PS/2 is stable with a simple pass-through adapter; PS/2 KVMs to USB conversion can sometimes have issues, thus the need for a more robust solution.

With the wide availability of USB KVMs, it might just be cheaper to upgrade to a USB KVM (depending on your needs).