Raritan Z-Series User Station



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The Ultimate Space Saver

Raritan's innovative Z-Series offers a switchless solution that enables access and control of multiple servers from a single user console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), without consuming precious rack space. Raritan Z-Series 4200U employs Raritan's unique communication technology to control up to 42 servers and eliminate the traditional KVM switch box and all hard-to-manage server-to-server cable. It is designed to support he most challenging demands of server management where space is at a premium or where systems to be accessed are up to 1,000 feet away via Category 5 UTP cable.

Simplified Installation and Operation

Raritan Z-Series replaces the traditional KVM switch-to-multiple-server cabling configuration with an innovative chain-like server-to-server arrangement, significantly reducing cable clutter. Small Computer Interface Modules (Z-CIMs) connected to the keyboard, video, and mouse ports of each server are linked with standard Category 5 UTP cable and transmit the keyboard, video, and mouse signals to a User Station. A keyboard, monitor, and mouse (PS/2 or Sun) plug into the User Station, enabling the user to select and control up to 42 servers via simple on-screen user interface menus. Since Z-series components are plug and play, servers can be added at any time with no interruption of server operation.

Seamless Interface to Raritan's Enterprise-Class Paragon

Z-Series is Paragon Ready, for convenient, clustered access and control of high-density rack mounted servers in large-scale data centers. Connect the first Z-CIM in the chain directly to Raritan's Paragon with a single Category 5 UTP cable.


  • Simple plug and play auto-configure installation
  • Add a server anywhere in the chain at any time
  • Keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation for flawless operation
  • Hot connect a user console to any server
  • Hot-swap components with no impact on server operation
  • User Station supports both PS/2 and Sun* user console
  • Select computers by name from on-screen menus
  • Automatic Video Tuning (AVT) adjusts video quality automatically
  • Supports high-resolution video--to 1600 x 1200
  • Locate user up to 1,000 feet away from servers via Category 5 UTP cable
  • Seamless interface to Raritan's Paragon for clustered access to high-density servers