NTI Cable Terminator Wallplate



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The NTI Cable Terminator Wallplate (WP-VGA) connects a television/monitor and stereo speakers to video and audio distribution wiring within a wall. It can be used to connect VGA monitors and stereo speakers to network computers or televisions and stereo amplifiers to home entertainment systems, cable television boxes, DVD players, etc. NTI Cable Terminator Wallplate (WP-VGA) features set-screw terminal slots that accommodate straight routing of the wires for easy, clean connections.

NTI WP-VGA Features

  • No special tools needed. Terminal block design with set screws provides reliable electrical connections.
  • The wallplate is available in three models: VGA, VGA and Stereo Audio, S-Video, Composite Video and Stereo Audio
  • Connectors on the back of the wallplate are specially oriented to permit an almost straight routing of the wires.
  • Proper installation is practically foolproof. The terminal block area is clearly marked, and a wiring diagram is included.
    Eliminates cable clutter.

NTI WP-VGA Specifications:

Height 4.5 in. ( cm.)
Width 2.8 in. ( cm.)
Depth 1.1 in. ( cm.)
HD One female 15-pin
Internal Cable Connector Terminal block, 2x12 positions
Cable Routing Straight
Standard single-wide wallplate
The terminal block extends 0.65 inches
The connectors protrude less than 1/2 inch from front of wallplate
3.25 inches between two mounting holes.