AdderLink X-Series 2U Rack Mount Chassis


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The Adder X-RMK-CHASSIS is a rack mount kit for Adder X-Series KVM extenders. Multiple X-Series units can be mounted into this 2U chassis (up to 16 single units or 8 dual units).

Question: What else is needed with this product to mount the X series unit? Is there a faceplate required?
Answer: A faceplate is also required when mounting X or X2 series extenders in to an X-RMK-Chassis.

Depending on the size of the extender (single or dual width) the faceplate needed is either the X-RMK-FASCIA ( ) or the X-RMK-FASCIA-DUAL ( )

Question: How many X50-MS2 KVM Extenders can the X-RMK-CHASSIS hold?
Answer: Thank you for your excellent question. The Adder X-RMK-CHASSIS will hold up to eight dual unit X50-MS2s or sixteen single unit X50s.

We will update the content on the page to reflect this.