SmartAVI XTPRO Point to Point CAT5 Video Extender with Audio


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The SmartAVI XTPRO is a high resolution UXGA and stereo audio extender system (transmitter and receiver) designed to broadcast desktop video, stereo audio signals, IR and RS232 over unshielded twisted pair cabling (CAT-5).   Using a unique method of data transfer, the system allows a display device to be situated up to 1000ft (300 meters) from the source.  This video extender product consists of two units: a transmitter box connected to the source device and a receiver box installed at the remote location. Connectivity between the units requires a single Category 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable. 

When used as a pair, the units can extend most variants of VGA up to resolutions of 1900x1200 to the remote location. The units can also be configured to distribute YUV (component video), Y/C (s-video video), RGB s, and CVBS (composite video). In addition to the video, high quality stereo audio can also be distributed, making this product extremely versatile.  The RS232 can be sent to Remote Location. The RS232 is transparent and support TXD, RXD signals.  The IR signal is also transparent.

SmartAVI XTPRO Application Diagram
SmartAVI XTPRO Application Diagram

SmartAVI XTPRO Features:

  • Supports dual screens
  • Uses easy to install, inexpensive CAT-5/5e/6/7/8.
  • Output reaches up to 1,000 feet (300 m).
  • Supports high resolution clear video up to 1900x1200.
  • 300 MHz bandwidth.
  • Sends high-resolution UXGA, stereo audio over a single CAT-5.
  • Compatible with VGA, XGA, Sun, MAC and SGI signals.
  • Sync Format / polarity preservation.
  • Compatible with line level stereo audio signals.
  • High ground loop immunity.
  • Built-in lightning, power surge and transient protection.
  • Remote units come with buffered outputs.
  • Designated trimmer in the remote unit to compensate for cable length.
  • Compact metal case enclosure.
  • Support RS232 (or IR)

XTPRO Specifications:

Mechanical Receiver Transmitter
Height 0.91 in. (23 mm.) 0.91 in. (23 mm.)
Width 3.7 in. (95 mm.) 3.7 in. (95 mm.)
Depth 3.1 in. (80 mm.) 3.1 in. (80 mm.)
Weight 0.26 lb. (0.12 kg.) 0.26 lb. (0.12 kg.)
VGA Data    
Resolution Up to 1900 x 1200 VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA Up to 1900 x 1200 VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA
Connector Type HD 15 socket HD 15 socket
Signal Type Stereo unbalanced Stereo unbalanced
Connector 3.5mm jack socket 3.5mm jack socket
RS232 19200 300bps TXD, RXD ~
Requirements 5VDC @ .5A 5VDC @ .5A
Connector 2.1mm DC jack (center +ve) 2.1mm DC jack (center +ve)

The Smart AVI XTPRO-S is the full system and includes the XTP-TX, XTP-RX, and two PS5VD2A power supplies. The XTPRO-S is also known as the XTPROS.

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EAN 0813280024068
Question: Is this SmartAVI XTPRO price $341.00 for the pair ? In stock ?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the XTPRO comes with the transmitter and receiver for only $341.00. These are currently in stock and ready to ship.