Raritan IP-Reach Z-Series value pack



Recommended replacement: Raritan Dominion IP KVM
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The Raritan Z4200U-IPPAC IP-Reach/Z-Series package is a valuable combination for situations where server space is hard to find, but you still to access and control servers at anytime from anywhere. This cost-saving package includes an IP-Reach M-Series model IPR-M1 and a Z-Series User Station (Z4200U).
The package also includes 5 Z-CIMs (Compact Computer Interface Modules) that plug into the back of each server and are connected with Category 5 cables in a chain-like arrangement. An additional Cat5 cable leads to a User Station. Additional Z-CIMs can be used to connect additional servers that are up to 1,000 feet away.

With this Raritan Z4200U-IPPAC IP-Reach/Z-Series package, you get everything you need to control 8 servers in a zero-U space (expandable to 42 servers).