Minicom by Tripplite Cat5 Smart Extender


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Replaced by: Tripp Lite B013-330
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The Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 Smart KVM Extender enables controlling a computer or KVM switch up to 110m/360ft away by extending the KVM console. This makes it a good solution for accessing computers centralized in one secure, environmentally controlled location such as those in financial institutions. A major feature of the new system is its advanced CAT5 technology. The thin CAT5 cable is easy to install and eliminates troublesome cable clutter.

Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 KVM Extender Backside

More than an extender, the The 0DT23001 Smart KVM Extender is actually a multifunctional system that performs three tasks all in one: extension, dual-user access and 2 port KVM switching. The dual user option enables two users to access the same computer making work more efficient. As a 2-port KVM switch one user can switch between and control two computers and a second user can control one computer. This makes it an ideal solution for storage, industrial applications and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) environments (i.e. boss and secretary).

The Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 KVM extender is comprised of two units which are easy to install: a transmitter and a receiver. Both are made with sturdy metal casing. The transmitter (which comes with built-in KVM cabling) connects to the computer and the receiver connects to a KVM console. All it takes is a few seconds. A button on the receiver unit makes it simple to switch between remote and local computers.

Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 Diagram
Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 Diagram

Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 Features:

  • Extends KVM control over 110m/360ft from your computer or KVM switch
  • Dual-user function - double the power of your computer by allowing 2-user access
  • 2 port KVM switch function
  • Advanced CAT5 technology - low density cabling that is easy to install
  • Supports high resolution video 1600x1200 @ 75Hz
  • Pure hardware solution - software/network independent
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • 3 Year Warranty

Note: Power Supply Switching AC/DC -110/220VAC (part # 5PS20025) is included.

Minicom by Tripplite 0DT23001 Technical Specifications:

Mechanical Transmitter Receiver
Height 0.98 in. (25 mm.) 0.98 in. (25 mm.)
Width 4.45 in. (113 mm.) 5.83 in. (148 mm.)
Depth 3.35 in. (85 mm.) 3.35 in. (85 mm.)
Power Consumption From computer External Power Adapter 6VDC 2A
Cables & Connectors    
Keyboard MiniDin6F MiniDin6F
Mouse MiniDin6F MiniDin6F
System RJ45 RJ45
CPU cable Built in (HD15M/MiniDin6M/MiniDin6M) 3 in 1
Operating Temperature 0° C to 40° C/32° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature  -40° C to 40° C/-40° F to 104° F
Resolution Up to 1600x1200 @ 75Hz
Maximum Distance 110m/360ft
Mouse Support  PS/2, Wheelmouse, 5-Button Mouse
Management Push button or hot-key
System Cable CAT5 FTP Cable
Operating Systems DOS, Windows (3x, 9x, 2000, NT4, ME, XP and later), Linux, UNIX, HP UX, QNX, SGI, FreeBSD, BeOS, Open VMS, Novell
Question: Is this Product OS Independent ?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.

The operating Systems Supported are: DOS, Windows (3x, 9x, 2000, NT4, ME, XP and later), Linux, UNIX, HP UX, QNX, SGI, FreeBSD, BeOS, Open VMS, Novell

Question: where can i buy it?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The 0DT23001A Cat5 Smart Extender kit is fully discontinued and no longer available. The 0DT23001A was replaced by the B013-330 which you can order online or by contacting your KVM Switches Online sales representative.