Minicom DX Matrix ServerDirect



Recommended replacement: ADDER INFINITY Digital KVM Matrix
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The Minicom DX ServerDirect, a Minicom DX system accessory,  serves as a crash-cart accessory, allowing direct access to a server that is normally connected to DX KVM switch.
DX ServerDirect connects via CAT-5 cable to an X-RICC which is connected to a server (being PS/2, Sun, or USB types X-RICCs), and provides hot connections to a PS/2, VGA console allowing direct control of the server. Since keyboard/mouse emulation is maintained by the X-RICC connected to the server, using DX ServerDirect as a crash-cart does not interfere in normal server operation.


  • System: RJ45
  • Video: HDD15 female
  • Keyboard/Mouse: MiniDin6 (PS/2) female

Minicom DX Matrix Technical Diagram
Minicom DX Matrix Technical Diagram