Minicom Phantom Specter Dongle



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The Specter, the newest addition to the Phantom family, the ultimate switching solution for access, monitoring and control in computer environments. The micro-sized Specter provides all the power of a conventional switch in a fraction of the size. This makes it the ideal solution for critical space environments. Use the Specter to take control of a variety of multiple computer environments:

  • Server farms and data centers
  • OEM projects and crowded server rooms
  • Rack environments and production lines.

Advanced CAT5 Distributed Technology
The Specter is based on Minicoms cutting-edge CAT5 technology and unique distributed switching architecture. Distributed architecture separates the switch into remote and manager units and brings the remote unit, the Specter, to the computer. This eliminates cumbersome cable clutter and harnessing while saving enormous amounts of space, energy, time and money.

Quick Installation
Installing the Specter is easy. Since it is an external switching solution you do not need to open up the computer. Because of this and its CAT5 technology the Specter can be attached in mere seconds - simply plug and play.

The Phantom Specter is for use with the Single User Version Only.