Minicom by Tripplite Phantom Specter II USB / SUN USB


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The Minicom by Tripplite 0SU51011 Phantom Specter USB/ Sun USB  is especially designed for single user KVM management of up to 63 servers on a single line making it the ideal solution for high density server and rack environments like server farms, data centers or corporate server rooms.  The micro-sized Specter provides much more power than a conventional switch by freeing up rack space, eliminating cable clutter and maximizing your flexibility.

Minicom by Tripplite 0SU51011 Features and Benefits:
  • Single user control of up to 63 servers on a single line
  • Zero U rack space - more room for servers
  • Advanced OSD management and multi-layered security
  • Pure hardware solution - BIOS level access
  • Low density CAT5 cabling that ends cable clutter
  • Scalable - buy only what you need and add as you grow
  • Flexible server/KVM console placement up to 110m/360ft away
  • No external power supply at Specter units

Minicom by Tripplite Specter II USB Specifications:

Height 1.1 in. (28 mm.)
Width 3.39 in. (86 mm.)
Depth 1.77 in. (45 mm.)
Weight 0.57 lb. (260 g.)
Consumption From KB/Mouse port 5VDC, 300mA
Keyboard/Mouse USB
System In/Out RJ45