Minicom by Tripplite Phantom MX II Manager Box



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The Minicom by Tripplite 0SU52016 is the Phantom MXII KVM switching solution which allows two Phantom users to simultaneously control and manage up to 63 servers in mixed, multi-platform environments (PS/2, SUN, RS-232, USB) from two separate KVM consoles.  This KVM solution is an ideal solution for larger data centers that require more than one supervisor and need the flexibility of operating from both local and remote locations.

The Phantom MX II features advanced On Screen Display (OSD) management, including multi-layered security, the most efficient way for monitoring, accessing and controlling your servers.  You can also manage your Phantom system, via serial port, using the Phantom's Control Software or any other third party software.  Phantom's Distributed Switching Technology (DST) divides the KVM switch into smaller subunits: two Managers and multiple Remote units. The Remote units can be placed on the side or back of the rack (Specter II Units) where they occupy no rack space! Now you can dedicate more of your rack to servers instead of wasting space on switches.

The Phantom MX II system consists of the following units (all sold separately):

  • (1) Phantom MX II Manager unit per system
  • (1) Universal Phantom Manager (UPM) unit per system
  • (1) Remote unit per computer (Specter II) up to 63 per line

Minicom by Tripplite Phantom MXII Application Diagram
Minicom by Tripplite Phantom MXII Application Diagram

Minicom by Tripplite 0SU52016 Features and Benefits:

  • Non-blocking, multi user control of up to 63 servers on a single line
  • Mixed Multi-Platform Support - PS/2, SUN, USB, RS-232
  • Zero U rack space - more room for server
  • Advanced OSD management and multi-layered security
  • Pure hardware solution - BIOS level access
  • Low density CAT5 cabling that ends cable clutter
  • Scalable - buy only what you need and add as you grow
  • Flexible server/KVM console placement up to 110m/360ft away
  • No external power supply at Specter units

Minicom by Tripplite 0SU52016 Specifications:

Height 1.63 in. (41.5 mm.)
Width 8.9 in. (226 mm.)
Depth 7.09 in. (180 mm.)
Rack Mountabls Yes
Operating Temperature  0° to 40°C/104°F
Storage Temperature -40°C to 40°C/-40°F to 104°F
Consumption 100-240 VAC 600mA
Cables & Connectors  
CPU Cable 3 in 1
Screen HDD15M
Keyboard/Mouse MiniDin6M
System Out RJ45
Service RJ11
RS242 DB9
Second User RJ45
Number of Possible Remote units 63
System Cable CAT5 FTP 2x4x24 AWG Solid Wire
Maximum Distance  110m/360ft
Resolution Up To 1600x1200@75Hz
Mouse Support PS/2, Wheel mouse
Operating Systems DOS,Windows (3x,9x,2000,NT4,ME,XP),LINUX,UNIX,HP UX QNX, SGI,FreeBSD,BeOS,Open VMS,NOVELL 3.12-6
Management On Screen Display (OSD), RS-232 Control Software
 Security Password, multiple user Profiles
Scan Automatically view all screens at adjustable intervals from 5-995 seconds
Question: Can you supply MTBF data on KVM switches 0SU51012 and 0SU52015?
Answer: Minicom reports the MTBF for the 0SU51012 is 983,861 hours and the Phantom MX II as 273,942 hours. We are confirming the information provided for the MX II applies to the 0SU52015.