Minicom RICC PS/2 for DX System



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The Minicom 0SU51066 is a PS/2 remote interface connection cable (RICC) for the Minicom DX system.  The Minicom's DX system uses the X-RICC dongles to connect computers to the DX Central unit. This Minicom dongle can be located up to 33 feet away from the DX Central unit.

Minicom RICC PS/2 for DX Specifications:

Height 1.61 in. (41 mm.)
Width 0.94 in. (24 mm.)
Depth 3.58 in. (91 mm.)
Supply From Keyboard
Server to DX Central Distance 33 ft. (10 m.)
Question: What is the hotkey to switch displays?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The default hotkey for switching between servers / computers attached to a Minicom DX system is Ctrl, Ctrl, [server number] (i.e. 3 to switch to source '3').

For more information on hot-keys for the Minicom DX system, please refer to the Minicom DX Manual.

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