Minicom Specter II USB Remote Units, Pack of 8


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The Minicom Specter II 0SU51082 is a bulk pack of 8 USB Remote Units.  These micro-sized Specters provide much more power than a conventional switch by freeing up rack space, eliminating cable clutter and maximizing your flexibility.

Minicom 0SU51082 Features and Benefits:

  • Single user control of up to 63 servers on a single line
  • Zero U rack space - more room for servers
  • Advanced OSD management and multi-layered security
  • Pure hardware solution - BIOS level access
  • Low density CAT5 cabling that ends cable clutter
  • Scalable - buy only what you need and add as you grow
  • Flexible server/KVM console placement up to 110m/360ft away
  • No external power supply at Specter units