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The Minicom 0SU52063A is an IP Remote Power Switch (RPS).  The Minicom RPS allows remote power management of your data center over the internet. The switch is ideal for powering and rebooting servers and other devices in data centers and server farms. The two-in-one Remote Power Switch also performs environmental monitoring of the server room.

The Remote Power Switch is part of a comprehensive remote management solution for the modern data center. It adds to your existing remote access capabilities, saving you the time and cost of visiting geographically remote sites. It gives you the necessary functionality to complete remote operations that require you to reboot the server, complementing out-of-band remote access to servers and devices from your KVM switching systems.

There are three configurable modes of shutdown operations: instant shutdown, safe shutdown, and safe reboot. You can power up, power down, and reboot up to 128 connected servers and devices from anywhere over the Internet. You can easily configure power settings of the sockets via the Remote Power Switch web interface.

Minicom Remote Power Switch Diagram
Minicom Remote Power Switch Diagram

Minicom RPS Solution Features & Benefits:

  • Two-in-one power management and environmental monitoring
  • Power UP and Power DOWN devices via any browser
  • Monitor temperature and humidity with the Temp/Humidity Sensor, 0SU52067 (sold separately)
  • Control up to 128 devices
  • Safe shutdown mode
  • Customizable alerts & timers

Minicom 0SU52063 IP Switch Specifications:

Height 1.73 in. (4.4 cm.)
Width 16.96 in. (43.1 cm.)
Depth 6.37 in. (16.2 cm.)
Weight 5.51 lbs. (2.5 kg.)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature -40°C to 40°C / -140°F to 104°F
Relative Humidity 0 - 95% non - Amp circuit breaker
Nominal input voltage 220V model and 110V model
Frequency 50/60HZ full range
Maximum output capacity 2 x 7Amp
Control 2 AC inputs each feeding 4 outputs
Protection 7 Amp circuit breaker
Input 2 input connectors IEC320P
Output 8 x IEC320R
Lan Interface RJ45; 10/100M Auto Detect
Modem RS232
Environmental RJ11
Link Interface 2 x RJ11, connection to cascaded unit
Safe Shutdown 8 x RJ11
Red On/Off status 1 LED for each outlet
Yellow Indicates the ID no. of iLink cascade - 16 LEDs
Reset Button Yes