Minicom Classperfect kit broadcaster and 4 remote unit



Recommended replacement: ADDER INFINITY Digital KVM Matrix
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The Minicom ClassPerfect 0VS22016 is the only CBT system that lets you broadcast rich multimedia in real-time, yet also utilize the full range of classroom management tools you can only get from CBT software.
With ClassPerfect, you'll be able to send graphically rich screens to all your student computers in real-time. You won't experience the frustrating delays and crashes of network-dependent communication. And your IT department will love you for it.
ClassPerfect lets you take control of your students' keyboard, video and mouse, darken all your students' screens, and set groups of students to different tasks. ClassPerfect also lets class members enjoy chat, two way audio, and messaging systems. And the two most widely used functions, darken all and master to all, can be operated either by computer mouse click or by the hand operated ClassPerfect control.
With ClassPerfect 0VS22016 , the teacher can monitor student screens and view their active tasks. To achieve complete classroom interaction, the teacher can demonstrate concepts or show a student's solution by broadcasting any screen in the class to any other, in real-time.
ClassPerfect's wide range of functions make it the ideal solution for schools, colleges, universities, and corporate, military and government training centers.

0VS22039 diagram

Minicom ClassPerfect 0VS22016 Diagram

0VS22016 ClassPerfect gives the teacher full command over the class:

- Help a student solve a problem by taking full control of their computer

- Blackout student screens for undivided student attention

- Transmit files to/from student computers - distribute and collect tests or hand out grades

- Run a program simultaneously on all student computers with one click of the teacher's mouse

- Divide a class into groups and assign separate curricula