Minicom DS Vision 3000 Line Splitter


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The Minicom 0VS50009 is a Line Splitter unit for the DS Vision 3000 digital signage solution.

The DS Vision 3000 narrowcasts high-definition video and stereo-audio from a single player, over CATx cable, to multiple plasma/LCD screens located up to 600m/2000ft away. Combined with full serial command, the DS Vision 3000 is the ultimate solution for controlling and delivering real-time multimedia content.  This digital signage solution is a modular system, made up of units that can be exactly molded to your network requirements without superfluous hardware. The result is a digital signage network streamlined in function and cost-effective on budget.

The Minicom DS Vision system features full RS-232 bidirectional communication, which gives you the ability to remotely query screen operation time - essential for monitoring the remaining life of your screens and a valuable precursor to measuring advertising effectiveness. The DS system also enables power commands that turn either the entire screen network or screen groups on/off. Screen wear and tear is thus minimized while maximizing the life of your digital signage network.  With extended range, DS Vision 3000 gives you the freedom to set-up your LCD/plasma screens at any desired location, without fear of compromising your media quality and safe in the knowledge that your media player is out of sight and out of unauthorized hands. Whether multiple-screen timetables and advertisements, or single-screen bulletins, signs and training aids, DS Vision 3000 delivers your message, picture perfect, every time.

The DS Vision 3000 consists of the following components (all sold separately):

  • Broadcaster 8/16 port
  • Line Splitter 8 port
  • Remote (110m/360ft)
  • Remote Long (600m/2000ft)
  • Video Tuning Unit

Minicom DS Vision Application Diagram
Minicom DS Vision Application Diagram

Minicom DS Vision 3000 Features:

  • 600m/2000ft range
  • Supports HD resolutions
  • Stereo-audio
  • Remote screen query
  • Group screen on/off command
  • Palm-held video tuning unit
  • CATx cable flexibility
  • DDC support
  • Out-of-band operation
  • VESA standard mounting

Minicom 0VS50009 Line Splitter Specifications:

Dimensions 138 x 153.7 x 41.5mm
Power External Adaptor 5VDC 2A
System In RJ45
System Out RJ45
Control RJ11
Power LED Green (at the front)

Minicom DS Vision System Specifications:

Operating Temperature  5°C to 40°C / 41°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature  -40°C to 70°C / -104°F to 158°F
Resolution Up to 1920x1440 @ 60Hz (depending on the cable length)
Input/Output Video Signals Analog signal red, green, blue 0.7v p-p 75 Ohm
Compatible TTL
Horizontal/Vertical Sync Positive/Negative
System Cable CATx UTP/ FTP cable 2x4x24 AWG Solid Wire
Maximum Distance 600m/2000ft
Skew Compensation  Up to 63 n sec
DDC Complies with VESA DDC-2 specification
RS-232 Connection Full serial = RXD, TXD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS
Serial baud rate 57,000
Audio Stereo