Minicom DS Vision Wall - 4 Displays System


Recommended replacement: Smart AVI EZW2X2-S
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The Minicomi DS 0VS52004 is a DS Vision Wall - 4 Displays System.

Minicom Digital Signage's multiscreen video wall integrates audio and video for unparalleled impact. The DS Vision Wall video wall can support 4 digital messaging screens of any size in any matrix, arranged in the configuration that best utilizes your space. Place one stunning image on a video wall and dramatically change the mood and atmosphere of the room, or use multiple targeted digital messaging images to inspire a call to action. Create targeted digital messaging content and distribute it to one or many locations; remote and local controls give you options not available in other video wall solutions. And with gap compensation settings you can be sure that your digital messaging stays in alignment across display boundaries and your visual message stays intact.

With Minicom Digital Signage's video wall you can:
Control digital messaging up to 4 video outputs in any configuration from one PC - no server, no software installation, no fuss. Utilize DS Vision¨ Wall with other audio, video and digital messaging solutions or use as a stand-alone installation.Integrate your video wall easily with other 3rd party software including lighting systems, SMS, GPI and others.Display almost any digital messaging file format on your video wall: audio, videos, ads, promotions, and tools including Flash animation overlays, RSS feeds, crawls, web pages, video capture, video streaming and more.Ensure audio consistency with our patented Volume Normalization technology.

Minicom 0VS52004 Features:

  • Ultra High Definition (UHD)
  • Supports 4 digital messaging screens
  • Any type of media
  • Easy to use control software
  • Just connect screens and play
  • Stores and plays content locally
  • Control day part scheduling
  • Remote management from any site

Minicom DS Vision Wall Application Diagram
Minicom DS Vision Wall Application Diagram