Lightwave PC FiberLynx Receiver Only



Recommended replacement: Smart AVI FVX-3000S
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The Lightwave PC FiberLynx Receiver is now only sold with the transmitter. Please go to 200.100.0102 for ordering information

Low Cost Fiber Optic Extension System for PC or SUN
The Lightwave PCFiberlynx extension system allows you to locate a keyboard, monitor, mouse, audio and serial peripherals remotely from a PC up to 1,000 meters away without loss of resolution. Multi-mode FDDI grade fiber optic cable is used to transmit all signals between the transmitter unit, located with the CPU, and the receiver unit, located with the user. The Lightwave PCFiberlynx is commonly used in areas where space is at a premium, where data security requires strict control of physical access, or where environmental issues dictate that the CPU is located in a controlled environment separate from the user.

Each Lightwave PCFiberlynx extension system consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit. Included are keyboard, mouse, serial, audio and video cables to attach the CPU to the transmitter. A rack-mount kit is also included for mounting in a standard EIA 19-inch rack. Fiber optic cable is available for order in several standard lengths and requests for custom lengths can be quickly accommodated.

Both Lightwave PCFiberlynx units feature a video distribution amplifier. The transmitter allows a local monitor to display the video output from the CPU for machine room supervision, while the receiver can output to two monitors (or other video displays). This allows the receiver to support a second monitor or projector as well as the standard user desktop peripherals.

The Lightwave PCFiberlynx is designed to work with PC-compatible computers using a PS/2 (6-pin mini-DIN) keyboard and mouse, RS-232 serial communications (or serial mice) using DB9 connectors, stereo audio with 3.5 mm jacks, and SVGA video with HD15 connectors. Plug-and-Play video monitors are supported with the Lightwave PCFiberlynx. Call Lightwave to discuss your system requirements with an application engineer.


  • Convenience
    Convenience-Access your PC-compatible from a remote location with the same crisp graphics and I/O peripherals as you would have with the CPU on your desktop
  • Security
    Computers may be located in a secure location separate from users, preventing unauthorized access to storage devices and possible loss of sensitive data
  • Improve your user environment
    Keep fan noise and CPU maintenance interruptions restricted to the cold computer room
  • Local and Remote Video Distribution
    A video distribution amplifier is integrated into each Lightwave PCFiberlynx unit. The transmitter allows an additional local video connection for machine room supervision of the CPU, while the receiver can send video signals to two monitors or projectors for remote sharing or display of data from the CPU.
  • Transparent Operation
    Just plug ordinary video, keyboard, mouse, audio and serial cables into the Lightwave PCFiberlynx, connect the transmitter and receiver with ST-terminated fiber optic cable, and use. The Lightwave PCFiberlynx automatically adjusts itself for optimal performance, so no user adjustments are required.
  • Fiber optic signal transmission
    All signals are transmitted up to 1,000 meters over fiber optic cable using Lightwave's patented automatic gain control. Transmission of signals over optic cable also significantly reduces the incidence of RF interference caused by the use of copper cabling.