Aten 10' USB KVM Cable - SPHD15 to VGA & USB A


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The ATEN 2L-5203U (2L5203U) all-in-one bonded KVM USB cables are designed to deliver superb video quality and error-free transmission for your high-resolution applications. Its length is 10 feet or 3m (meter).

This cable is compatible with the following ATEN units: CS1742, CS1744, CS1308, CS1316, CS231, CS1708A, CS1716A, CL5708, CL5716, CN8000, IP8000, KL3116, KL1100, KL3116T, CL5800, CS1708i, CS1716i, CE700A, CL5808, CL5816, CS82U, CS84U, CL3000

ATEN 2L5203U - USB KVM Cable for CS1708/CS1716
ATEN's All-in-one bonded KVM cables are designed to deliver superb video quality and error-free transmission for your high-resolution applications. These cables feature the latest in design and technologies such as Micro-Lite cable technology, an aluminum shield and an all-in-one bonded structure. They are designed to provide the maximum in quality, performance, and reliability. The thin, flexible cable and the over-sized thumbscrews also make installation quick and easy.


  • Innovative Micro-Lite cable technology to minimize cross-talk and deliver superb video quality for your high resolution applications
  • Aluminum shield to eliminate EMI/RFI interference and ensure signal integrity and error-free transmission
  • Oversized ergonomic thumbscrews make installation quick and easy
  • All-In-One bonded cable design eases connections, setups and cable management
  • Thin and flexible cable structure saves space and lowers carrying and storage cost
  • UL rated materials used to ensure safety, corrosion resistance, and longevity of the cable

Package Content:
1 Micro-lite KVM cable

Width 13.2 in. (33.0 cm)
Height 9.6 in. (24.0 cm)
Length 18.0 in. (45.0 cm)
Case Qty. 45
Package Dimensions  
Height Poly Bag
Depth Poly Bag
Width Poly Bag
Length Poly Bag
KVM Side Connections  
Keyboard, Video, Mouse DB15 Female
Package Wt. 0.7 lb. (0.3 kg)
Unit Wt. 0.7 lb. (0.3 kg)
Case Wt. 35.6 lb. (16.2 kg)
CPU Connectors  
Keyboard 6 pin mini-DIN male
Monitor 15 pin HDB male
Mouse 6 pin mini-DIN male
Cable Length 10 ft. (3.0 m)
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 672792151552
EAN 0672792151552
Question: Good morning, I am an Spanish engineer who has used your cable for our program installation. in order to certificate it, we need Certificate of Conformity of this cable, I may require this document because otherwise we are not allowed to use your cables at our installation.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. You will likely need to contact ATEN directly for a Certificate of Conformity.