DVI to DisplayPort Adapter Converter


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About 41379 DVI to DisplayPort Adapter Converter

Send video signal from an existing desktop computer or different source device with a DVI-D video output port to a projector or monitor with a DisplayPort input. This converter is an excellent solution for schools, conference rooms, or other workspaces when enhancing a new monitor or projector.

41379 Features

Straightforward install

  • There is no need for an external graphics adapter or different converters. This simple plug-and-play converter adapts the DVI-D output signal to DisplayPort; no drivers required for installation nor additional power adapters. The all in one dongle style converter provides power from an onboard USB connection and requires no drivers for install.
  • Supports cost savings

  • Newer displays no longer offer DVI-D as an input. Utilizing this DVI to DisplayPort converter will allow for connection to a brand new monitor or projector without the added expense of updating the graphics card.
  • Port protection technology

  • The dongle-style adapter reduces strain on the video port. The cable between the DVI-D connection and the converter provides strain relief that protects the port from strain damage as cords are moved.
  • Simple power

  • No need to utilize a power adapter. The DVI to DisplayPort converter pulls power from the DVI-D port bus power. If enough energy is not supplied by the DVI port, there is a USB plug attached to the converter, which provides power as well.
  • 41379 Specifications

    • Electrical Specifications
      • Maximum Resolution: 1920x1080
      • Voltage Rating: 30V
      • Impedance Ω TDR: 100±5
      • Intra-Pair Skew: 15PS/M Max
      • Insulation Resistance: Foam-PE/HD-PE DC-500V 100MΩ.Km Min At 20°C
    • Physical Specifications
      • Housing: ABS
      • Jacket Material and Thickness: PVC (0.5mm)
      • Minimum Bend Radius: 12mm
      • Mean Time Between Failure: 4000 hr
      • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
      • Storage Temperature: -10°C to 40°C

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