Avocent SwitchView 1000 4 Port KVM Switch w/ OSD



Recommended replacement: Raritan CompuSwitch CS4R
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The Avocent SwitchView 1000 4SV1000-001 rack mount, 4-port KVM switch provides PS/2 and/or USB connectivity for SMB server rooms.  This single-user KVM switch has an on-screen display (OSD) and supports 2048 x 1536 video resolutions. With a 1U high design, this 4-port KVM switch does not compete for valuable rack space in SMB server rooms. The 4SV1000-001 is flash upgradeable for fast and easy updates. The password protection feature gives you the benefit of added security access to your business-critical servers.

Avocent SwitchView 4SV1000 KVM Switch Backside
Avocent SwitchView 4SV1000 KVM Switch Backside

Avocent SwitchView 4SV1000-001 Features:

  • On-screen display (OSD): Simple control through an on screen menu
  • Password protection: Secure access is based on password protection
  • Programmable autoscan: Customize scanning times between attached systems
  • Flash upgradeable: Convenient upgrades mean that the product never goes out of date 
  • USB hot key switching: Switch via USB keyboard sequence
  • Daisy chain - auto initialization: Connect multiple units together without complicated configuration 
  • USB & PS/2 system/target support: Supports both PS2 and USB systems
  • USB & PS/2 peripheral/user support: Supports PS/2 or USB peripherals to control a mix of PS/2 or USB systems
  • 1U height: Fits perfectly into a standard rack. Does not use a large amount of valuable rack space
  • Combo cables: Uses a three-in-one KVM cable that supports USB or PS/2 target devices
  • Video resolution: 2048 x 1536 video resolution supports the most demanding server room applications

Avocent SwitchView 4 Port KVM Switch Diagram
Avocent SwitchView 4 Port KVM Switch Diagram

Avocent SwitchView 4SV1000-001 Specifications:

Height 1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
Width 16.14 in. (41 cm)
Depth 6.49 in. (16.5 cm)
Weight 4.19 lbs. (1.9 kg)
Operating Temperature 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
Operating Voltage 5V
Power Frequency 60 Hz
Input DC 9V
Supported Hardware  
Computers PC, Mac, Sun (with USB or PS/2 interface)
Monitor 2048 x 1536 maximum
Peripherals PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, USB keyboard, USB mouse, VGA monitor
Approved Agency FCC, CE, C-Tick, UL, cUL
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 636430038568
EAN 0636430038568
Question: hi;i get password protect with this product. Can you help me to reset this password?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. For security reasons, Avocent does not publish password reset information for this switch. All password resets are done via a call to their technical support department.

Regional Customer support numbers can be found on this page: http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/Services/InfrastructureManagement/CustomerSupport/Pages/CustomerSupportContacts.aspx.

Question: What is the operating wattage draw for the Avocent Switview 1000. I do not see enough information on the spec sheet to tell me this.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. According to our Avocent contact, this unit will pull 5 Watts (max).

Question: What is the USB keyboard sequence to switch between clients
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.
The hotkey sequences to switch between target computers:
Next lower Channel - [ScrLK] + [ScrLK] + (arrow up)
Next higher Channel - [ScrLK] + [ScrLK] + (arrow down)

Additional hotkey sequences are detailed in Appendix A of the manual linked above.

Question: Does this product support Logitech Unifying receivers
Answer: No KVM on the market states that it will work with wireless applications. Though, we typically suggest going with an Avocent unit when attempting. We do not have a problem with it most of the time, though every application is different.

Question: Can the power supply be plugged into 208V, or must it be 120V?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. According to the manufacturer, the operating voltage is AC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ.

Question: Where can I connect mouse and keyboard from the servers? can only see RGB ports at the back
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The RGB port you see on the back is actually a port for a proprietary Avocent SwitchView Combo KVM cable that has a DB-15 connector on the KVM side and PS/2, USB and VGA connections on the server side.

Depending on the distance needed to travel, cable options include the:
CBL0029 - Cable PS2/USB for Avocent SwitchView 1000 switch - 6 ft.
CBL0030 - Cable PS2/USB for Avocent SwitchView 1000 switch - 9 ft.
CBL0031 - Cable PS2/USB for Avocent SwitchView 1000 switch - 15 ft.

The 4SV1000BND1 is a version of this 4SV1000-001 KVM, bundled with four of the CBL0029 cables. (https://www.kvm-switches-online.com/4sv1000bnd1-001.html)

Question: Are any cables included with the switch?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. For maximum flexibility in terms of cable length, this unit does not ship with any cables. You can select 6, 10 or 15 foot cables, depending on where the target servers are in relation to the switch.

However, the 4SV1000BND1-001 (https://www.kvm-switches-online.com/4sv1000bnd1-001.html) is a bundled system that ships with four of the 6-foot CBL0029 PS2/USB cables.

Question: Can I use dual monitors with this product.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, this KVM switch does not support dual monitor setups. You can find a listing of dual monitor KVM switches on the following page: https://www.kvm-switches-online.com/dual-head-kvm-switch.html.

Question: Does this include the CBL0177 Upgrade Cable?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The 4SV1000-001 does not include the CBL0177 Upgrade Cable. Also for a heads up, this product is going End of Life shortly and being replaced by the Avocent AV104-400.