Aten MaxiPort 8-Port KVM Switch



Replaced by: ATEN CS1308
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The ATEN Master View; ACS-1208 allows you to access and control up to 256 computers from a single keyboard-monitor-mouse console.

ATEN ACS-1208 Features:

  • A Single Console Controls Up To 8 Computers
  • Daisy Chain Up To 31 Additional Units - Control Up to 256 computers From a Single Console
  • No Software Required - Convenient Computer Selection via Intuitive On Screen Display (OSD) Menus
  • AutoScan Feature for Monitoring User-Selected Computers
  • Hot Pluggable - Add or Remove Computers Without Having To Power Down the Switch
  • Auto-Sensing of Station Position on Daisy Chained Installations - No Need For Manual DIP Switch
  • Setting - Front Panel LED Indicates Station Position
  • Port Names Automatically Reconfigured When Station Sequence Is Changed
  • Two Level Password Security - Only Authorized Users View and Control the Computers - Up to Four
  • Users Plus an Administrator - Separate Profiles For Each
  • Two Level Logout - Manual and Timed
  • PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Emulation - Computers Boot Even When the Console Focus is Elsewhere
  • Supports PS/2 Compatible Mice, Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer, Logitech FirstMouse+
  • Superior Video Quality - Supports Resolutions of Up To 1920 x 1440
  • Rack Mountable in 19" System Rack (1U)

ATEN ACS-1208 Requirements:

  • Console:
    • A VGA, SVGA, or Multisync monitor capable of the highest resolution that you will be using on any computer in the installation
    • A PS/2 mouse
    • A PS/2 keyboard
  • The following equipment must be installed on each computer:
    • A VGA, SVGA or Multisync card
    • A 6-pin mini DIN (PS/2) port
    • Either a 6-pin mini DIN (PS/2) keyboard port, or a 5-pin DIN (AT) keyboard port

ATEN ACS-1208 Package Contents:

  • 1 ACS1208 KVM Switch
  • 2 custom cables (2L5202P)
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 rack mounting kit
  • 1 user manual

ATEN ACS-1208 Specifications:

Function ACS1208
Computer Connections
Daisy Chain or Cascading 256
Direct 8
Console Connectors
Keyboard 1 x 6 pin mini-DZN F
Monitor 1 x HDB-15 F
Mouse 1 x 6 pin mini-DZN F
CPU Connectors
Keyboard, Mouse, and Video 8 x DB15F
Daisy Chain 1 x DB-25M ; 1 x DB-25F
Depth 6.2"
Height 1.75"
Width 17"
Keyboard PS/2
Mouse PS/2
Case Metal
Humidity 0 - 80% RH
On Line 8 (orange)
Power On 1 (blue)
Selected 8 (green)
Station ID 2 x 7 Segments
Port Selection Hotkeys ; OSD (On Screen Display)
Power Consumption DC 9V; 8.0 W (max.)
Scan Interval User Specified: 1 - 255 secs.
Video Resolution 1920 x 1440; DDC2
Unit Wt. 6 LBs
Question: What does the recover switch perform?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Recover Switch, on the back side of the KVM near the Firmware Upgrade port, is used to "perform a firmware upgrade recovery" in the event a firmware upgrade fails. For information see the manual linked below.