AdderLink CAT 5 KVM Extender



Replaced by: Adder X2-SILVER/P
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The AdderLink ALTX/ALRX CAT5 KVM extender offers KVM extension over 200m (650 ft). The AdderLink is designed to control a PC or KVM switch remotely over a single network cable. Serial RS232 is featured as standard, making the AdderLink ideal for 'touch screen', remote industrial and other serial applications. The ALTX/ALRX is ideal for use in harsh, manufacturing environments, digital signage applications as well as broadcast and multimedia applications where the CPU can be located safely in a secure, quiet and dirt free location.

Adder ALTX/ALRX Features:

  • High SVGA video quality
  • Compatible with all major operating systems including DOS, OS/2, UNIX, Windows, Netware and Linux
  • Supports PC style (PS/2) keyboards and mice and many extra key, button and wheel features
  • Also supports older style AT keyboards and RS232 mice
  • Contains fine adjustable video amplifiers to maximise video quality
  • Ideal for Digital signage applications
  • 'Transparent' RS232 connection ensures maximum device support
  • LEDs show the status of connected devices
  • Distance of up to 200m (650 feet) supported between transmitter and receiver
  • Video compensation - Adjustable video compensation amplifiers enable the video sharpness to be adjusted using the keyboard.
  • Keyboard control - The cable equalization is controlled in 'configuration mode' using the keyboard attached to the remote (KVM console-end) unit.
  • Indicators - remote and local units are fitted with a link/activity indicator that shows the link status and indicate keyboard and mouse data activity.
  • Power - The console-end unit is powered by an external 5V DC, 2A power supply with an IEC power cable connection. A country specific power cord is provided. The computer-end unit is normally interface powered via the PS/2 keyboard connection but may alternatively be powered using an optional power supply. Both units are fused with auto resettable fuses.
  • Password protection mode - may be locked using a hotkey combination from the keyboard if a password has been loaded into the unit. The unit may then only be unlocked using the password. The video is blanked whilst the remote unit is locked.
  • Application - not suitable for linking between buildings.

Adder ALTX/ALRX Package Includes:

  • Local (computer-end) unit
  • Remote (KVM console-end) unit
  • IEC style power supply and power cord
  • Safety and installation leaflet
  • CD manual
  • Stick on rubber feet

Adder ALTX/ALRX-Specifications:

Mechanical Local Unit Remote Unit
Height 1 in. (27 mm.) 1 in. (27 mm.)
Width 6.6 in. (168 mm.) 6.6 in. (168 mm.)
Depth 5.3 in. (136 mm.) 5.3 in. (136 mm.)
Weight 1.1 lb. (526 g.) 1.1 lb. (526 g.)
Keyboard 1 x 6-pin mini-DIN female 1 x 6-pin mini-DIN female
Mouse 1 x 6-pin mini-DIN female 1 x 6-pin mini-DIN female
Monitor 1 x 15-pin high-density D-type female 1 x 15-pin high-density D-type female
Serial 1 X 9 pin D type female 1 X 9 pin D type male
CATx cable 1 x RJ45 1 x RJ45
Optional Power Adapter 2.5mm DC jack (only required for video only applications) 2.5mm DC jack
Video Resolutions  
1600 x 1280 up to 100 meters/330 feet
1024 x 768 up to 200 meters/650 feet
Temperature Tolerance 0-40°C (32 to 104°F)
Humidity Tolerance 5 to 60% non condensing
Operating Voltage 100-240VAC
Power Frequency 50-60Hz
Usage 5VDC at 500mA
Distance Up to 200 meters / 650 feet using CATx cable (x=5,5e,6,7)
Technology Differential analogue signaling for video signals, differential digital signaling for PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, RS232. Signals are multiplexed so that only one CATx cable is required
Computer/KVM switch Compatible with desktop, rack mount and laptop PCs with PS/2 keyboard and mouse connections
Operating system Compatible with all major operating systems including DOS; OS/2; UNIX; MS Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP;NetWare and RS6000
Keyboard Supports PS/2 style keyboards with 6-pin mini-DIN connectors
Mouse Supports a wide range of PS/2 style 2 button, 3 button, wheel, IntelliMouse (3 button with wheel), IntelliMouse Explorer (5 button with wheel) and other mice that support the Microsoft mouse signalling protocols
RS232 'Transparent' serial port operation ensures wide device compatibility without the need to configure baud rates or protocols on the AdderLink to match your equipment
Approvals FCC class A, CE marked