Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A Intelligent Power


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Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116)

The Cyclades AlterPath PM is a family of intelligent power distribution units (IPDUs) that enables remote power management and control of servers and network gear. When used in conjunction with the Cyclades console servers, KVM switches or the Cyclades AlterPath Manager, the Cyclades AlterPath PM intelligent power control unit (ATP2116) provides a power management system with easier management capabilities and faster problem solving by integrating system access and power control into a single interface.

Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116)
Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116)

Features and Benefits

  • Independent control of power ports (power on/off/cycle)
  • Daisy-chaining support at control level (up to 128 outlets)
  • Support for name assignment to the power ports
  • LED on/off power indicators per power port
  • LED digital current display
  • Overcurrent alarm (sound and console notification)
  • Horizontal (1U) and vertical (0U) mounting
  • The highest port density in the market (10 power outlets per U)
  • Sequential power-up
  • Local authentication support (up to 8 users)
  • User access lists per power port


Power Management System:

Integrate the Cyclades AlterPath PM with a Cyclades console server or KVM switch and take advantage of the following features:

  • Secure remote power management
  • Integrated console and power management
  • Integrated KVM and power management
  • HTTP/HTTPS user friendly Power Management Interface
  • Telnet/SSH/SNMP management of power outlets
  • Local, RADIUS, TACACS+, Kerberos and LDAP authentication
  • Token-based strong authentication (SecurID)
  • Events notification (e-mail/SMS/SNMP trap)

Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116)

Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116)

AlterPath PM - NEMA models

The NEMA models come with NEMA5-15R power outlets and NEMA input power cables. These products are designed to operate at 100-125V. The NEMA models come in 15A, 20A and 30A units with optional twist-lock input plugs.

AlterPath PM - IEC models

The IEC models come with IEC320-C13 power outlets and IEC320 input connectors or fixed power cables. These products are designed to operate at 100-240V. The IEC models come in 10A, 15A, 16A, 20A, 30A and 32A units. Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116) is an IEC Model.

Cyclades AlterPath PM20i-16A (ATP2116)


Height66.00 in / 167.64 cm
Width2.00 in / 5.08 cm
Depth2.80 in / 7.11 cm
Weight17 lb / 7.73 kg
Operating Temp50°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C)
Storage Temp-40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Input Voltage100-240 Volts
Max. branch circuit rating16 Amps
Input connectorIEC320-C20
Max. output current per outlet10 Amps
Output connectorIEC320-C13
Supported Hardware  
Interfaces2 RS232 Serial Port (RJ45, 9600 bps)
 1 LED Display
Standards Certification  
 EN55022, A (CE)