Avocent CPS Serial Console Switch

Please note, the Avocent CPS Series is discontinued. For replacement or upgrade options, please contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative at 1-877-586-6654.

Avocent CPS810 significantly enhances Avocent's suite of rack-optimized solutions for local and remote data center management. The CPS810 provides system administrators with a centralized way to manage serial-based devices, including UNIX and Linux servers, through local or remote IP connections. In conjunction with the DS1800 and other Avocent solutions, the CPS product line offers a full range of KVM and console connectivity to servers and serial devices in the data center. Console extends the CPS solution by providing a Java-based management utility that lets you easily view all of your serial devices in one list. This cross-platform utility consolidates device discovery into a single cross-platform application, providing an advanced solution for data center management.

What is Avocent CPS technology and how does it simplify access to serial devices?
The Avocent CPS810 provides a 100BaseT port for network attachment and eight serial ports for attachment to console ports of devices such as servers and routers. With an on-board database of up to 64 user passwords, the CPS is able to host 16 simultaneous Telnet sessions for management of attached devices. With up to 32 console port connections within the space of a single 19" 1U rack, the CPS is ideal for use with low profile servers and communication devices.

    Avocent CPS810 Features

  • 8 RS-232 console port connections
  • 10/100BaseT port for attachment to IP network
  • Secure access through password protection
  • Up to 16 simultaneous sessions
  • Multi-user, up to 64 user ID/passwords
  • Ease of use - GUI based installation and configuration
  • Compact design - up to 32 ports in 1U (two units side by side)
  • Exclusive vConsole Java-based application simplifies management
  • Screen buffer per port - The CPS has a 64K history buffer on each port
vConsole simplifies device detection and discovery, ships free with each CPS unit
vConsole, a free Java-based management utility, is included with each CPS unit. This cross-platform utility consolidates device discovery, installation, administration, access and control into a single cross-platform application. Let vConsole help you organize your data center. Imagine being able to view all serially managed devices in one list.

    vConsole Features:

  • Java-based graphical management utility
  • Tree view interface for device selection
  • Ease of device access through built-in
  • Telnet client and browser interface
  • Single user with password protection
  • Auto-discovery of data center devices