High-quality, highly reliable Audio / Visual connectivity

The Avocent Emerge EMS 1000 media streamers distribute stereo audio and high-resolution analog video from a single source to one or more destinations up to 600 feet over CAT-5 cabling. No special software or operating system support is required. Just connect the EMS 1000 media streamer hardware, and this A/V distribution solution is fully functional.

The Emerge EMS 1000P media streamer consists of a transmitter and receiver pair and is designed for point-to-point applications. The transmitter is located at the source of the multimedia content while the receiver connects directly into the output device, which can include a plasma screen, projector or monitor.

For applications that require more than a single output, the Emerge EMS 1000T/R media streamer solution consists of a transmitter and up to 16 receivers. The transmitter is located at the source of the multimedia content and will distribute the same signal to each receiver. At the destination points, the receivers will connect directly into the output devices (such as plasma screens, projectors or monitors).

The Emerge EMS 1000 solutions take advantage of CAT-5 cabling to get the message from source to destination up to 600 feet apart. The Emerge EMS 1000 media streamer design guarantees highly reliable transport of high-quality audio and video. With support for fullscreen, full-motion video and high-fidelity stereo audio, high-impact content is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Emerge Point to Point application diagram

Emerge Point to Multi-Point application diagram