Tripp Lite Console Extender Kit



Recommended replacement: Rose CrystalView CRK-M2P-2
Alternative options: Contact Us

The recommended replacement is the Tripp Lite B013-330.

The Tripp Lite B013-000 Extender Kit allows you to connect a remote console (monitor, keyboard and mouse) up to 500 feet away from your PC or KVM switch. You can also have a local console giving you two access points to the system. The remote console connects back to the PC via standard Cat5 STP Cable. A 6' KVM Cable (supplied) connects the local module to KVM /PC.

Tripp Lite B013-000 Features:

  • Enables you to control a computer or KVM switch from a distance of up to 500 ft.
  • Can have a local console at KVM switch or computer as well as the remote console for added convenience.
  • The remote connection is made using standard Cat5e STP cable

Tripp Lite B013-000 System Requirements:

  • PS/2 mouse (or a USB mouse with USB-to-PS/2 adapter)
  • VGA/SVGA monitor
  • Standard Cat5e STP cable to connect the remote unit back to the computer or KVM switch

Tripp Lite B013-000 Package Contents:

  • Transmitter (local unit)
  • Receiver (Remote Unit)
  • 6Ft PS/2 (3-in-1) KVM Cable Kit (model # P754-006)

Tripp Lite B013-000 Specifications:

Color Platinum
Connector Number  
Local Unit 2
Remote Unit 2
Connector A HD15 Male
Connector B (x2) MiniDIN6 Male
KVM Connector 1 RJ45 Female
KVM Connector 2 RJ45 Female
CPU Connector  1 (x2) MiniDIN6 Female
CPU Connector 2 HD15 Female