Rose Electronics 10 ft, DB25M to VGA HD15M / USB for Kbd-Ms


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Rose Electronics 10' UltraCable (CAB-CXUSBC010)
The 10' UltraCable (CAB-CXUSBC010) is a high resolution, all-in-one cable that incorporates KVM connectivity into a single cable. Superior cable management is achieved by using a single cable jacket. You reduce cable bulk and route one cable, not three. Cable stress, which can cause accidental disconnect, is relieved in two ways. The DB25 connector secures to the switch with thumbscrews. The keyboard and mouse connectors originate from the video connector, which secures to the computer. The UltraCable (CAB-CXUSBC010) is engineered to prevent crosstalk between adjacent signals. It uses double shielded coax construction. Each end uses an internal metal can with a 360 degree solder weld to the connector which provides maximum video resolution and reduction of electromagnetic interference. Three separate cables are more commonly used in smaller PC-only installations, but even the economical Vista 2-port and 4-port product family offers both DB25 and PC connector models. For distances greater than 100 feet, the UltraCable (CAB-CXUSBC010) interfaces with ViewLink to extend KVMs up to 250 feet away, CrystalView Cat5 extenders to extend KVMs up to 1000 feet away, or CrystalView fiber to drive KVMs on dual fiber cable up to 30,000 away.

Rose Electronics UltraCable CAB-CXUSBC010 Features & Benefits:

  • Superior cable management solutions with lengths up to 100 feet
  • Available for PC, Sun, Apple, USB, SGI, RS/6000, and other computer platforms
  • PC universal version model supports both PS/2 keyboard/mouse, USB keyboard/mouse, and AT keyboard and serial mouse
  • All-in-one design reduces cable stress and guards against accidental disconnect
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • High resolution: up to 1600 x 1280
  • Double-shielded metal can construction
  • Convenient, flexible - simple to use
  • Reduces cable bulkiness
  • Streamlines cable system installations
  • Prevents mistakes of accidentally interchanging the connectors with those intended for another computer
  • Makes cable systems easy to manage, from install to upgrades and expansion
  • Universal to all Rose switches reducing system expansions and upgrade costs
  • Audio and serial touch-screen support