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Rose Electronics was formed in 1984 by 2 engineers with a vision to make innovative products. The two Rose Electronics' founders came up with "Rose", because of the pleasant image and its memorable name. Because the two were electrical engineers and hadn't defined their products, they picked "Electronics", knowing the products would be electronic in nature.

Rose Electronics has manufactured several firsts: automatic parallel printer switches, plug-in and pocket print servers, and KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switches. Rose Electronics pioneered KVM switching products in the late 1980's as an offshoot of our printer sharing and data switch products.

Rose Electronics is based in Houston, Texas. Rose Electronics also has offices in the UK. Rose Electronics is a privately held Texas general partnership. Rose does not disclose sales figures. Rose Electronics has in excess of 100 employees, not counting subcontractors and consultants. Rose owns its own facilities and is a full-service manufacturer with complete capabilities to customize any products.

Rose Electronics has an impressive and diverse list of customers and applications. Rose customers include Fortune 500 corporations, medium and small businesses, schools and universities, factory and industrial operations, military and government installations, and many OEMs. Through its OEM program, Rose Electronics supports private labeling and development of customized products.