Rose UltraCable Hi-Res, Switch to Switch, 50ft.


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The Rose CAB-CXVSMM050 is a 50ft. UltraCable Hi-Res, "Switch to Switch" DB25M to DB25M cable.  This KVM switch cable is used to chain product together to route information from one unit to another or to bus switches together to increase the number of users and connected devices.  To relieve cable stress, the DB25 connectors secures to the switch with thumbscrews.

Rose CAB-CXVSMM050 Features & Benefits:

  • UltraCable provides superior cable management solutions for chaining switches together with lengths up to 100 feet or bussing products together up to 250 feet
  • All-in-one design reduces cable stress and guards against accidental disconnect
  • Convenient, flexible - simple to use
  • Reduces cable bulkiness
  • Streamlines cable system installations
  • Makes cable systems easy to manage, from install to upgrades and expansion