Rose UltraCable 5 feet PC Cable


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The UltraCable computer to switch models are a high resolution, all-in-one cable that incorporates keyboard, video, and mouse connectivity into a single cable. Superior cable management is achieved by using a single cable jacket.

The UltraCable is engineered to prevent crosstalk between adjacent signals.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior cable management solutions
  • Supports both PS/2 keyboard/mouse, USB keyboard/mouse, and AT keyboard and serial mouse
  • All-in-one design reduces cable stress and guards against accidental disconnect 
  • High resolution: up to 1600 x 1280
  • Double-shielded metal can construction
  • Convenient, flexible - simple to use
  • Reduces cable bulkiness
  • Streamlines cable system installations
  • Prevents mistakes of accidentally interchanging the connectors with those intended for another computer
  • Makes cable systems easy to manage, from install to upgrades and expansion
  • Universal to all Rose switches reducing system expansions and upgrade costs
  • Audio and serial touch-screen support