Minicom DS CatLinc VGA to Cat 5 Video Distribution

CatLinc VGA-L


Recommended replacement: Adder ALPV150
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ComQi DS CatLinc VGA saves you money and valuable time and simplifies any installation. CatLinc signal distribution products convert VGA, video, and audio signals into a format readily transmitted hundreds of feet using common CAT5 cable.
Forget nightmare cable pulls, field soldering, and high-cost cable. The CatLinc VGA transmitter connects to a signal device. The receiver connects to a display device. They link together with a standard CAT5 cable. A single DC adaptor powers the CatLinc pair from either end.
CatLinc provides high-performance signal distribution rivaling traditional high-resolution cable, with a fraction of the bother...or cost.


  • Matchbox size allows you to mount CatLinc transmitters/receivers virtually anywhere.
  • CatLinc pairs can be powered from either end.
  • CatLinc VGA goes 300' or more.
  • CatLinc VGA-L has a monitor loopback.
Question: Dear Sirs, is it possible to ship this item to Germany? What will it cost and how long will it take? Does discontinued means, that you have none? If you have one, will we get an invoice from you? Thank you.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, this product is not longer available. A similar product set is the ADDERLink LPV series.

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