ADDERLink LPV Line Powered VGA Extender Kit


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Extender Type: Point-to-Point
Video: VGA In / VGA Out

The ADDER ALPV150 is a LPV Digital Signage Extender pair that includes the transmitter and receiver. It has has been designed to deliver stunning results at a really attractive price, making it the perfect introduction to professional digital signage. It is possibly the easiest to install point to point extender available today. In addition to its simplicity the LPV Extender also delivers fantastic quality video up to 150 meters / 500 feet away.

The LPV 150 is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for the Digital Signage (DOOH - Digital Out-Of-Home) and Audio Visual (AV) industries.

AdderLink ALPV150 VGA Extender Diagram

  • Pixel perfect VGA analog video up to 1080p or 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
  • Extend video up to 500 feet (150 meters) over a single CATx cable
  • USB Line-powered - No external power supplies are required
  • Locking VGA connectors make the LPV 150 a perfect video wall companion and ideal for broadcast in public environments
  • Intelligent EDID management
  • Plug and Play - no need to wait for drivers or software to be installed

AdderLink ALPV150 Transmitter

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Adder ALPV150P Features

  • Adder ALPV150 Extend video and power up to 164 feet (50 meters) via single CATx cable

    Extend video and power over a single CatX cable

    The ALPV150 extends video and power over a single CATx cable up to 500 feet (150 meters). *The actual achievable extension distance is dependent upon the CATx cable type used and the number of connection breaks for patch panels and wall plates

  • Adder ALPV150 Perfect analog video with HDCP support

    High-definition analog VGA video

    The ALPV150 video extension system supports Full HD 1080p, 1080i and 720p with distance up to 500 feet (150 meters). The ALPV150R remote module also has a video adjustment to control picture sharpness on the display screen.

  • Adder ALPV150 USB powered - No external power supplies required

    No external power supplies required - Highly energy efficient

    To help reduce cable clutter, the Adder Link LPV has been designed to be powered by a USB port on your computer and this power is also transmitted alongside the video over CatX cable, in turn powering your receiver unit.

  • Adder ALPV150 - Perfect video wall / digital signage companion

    Targeted Messages

    Targeting messages to specific areas of your business is perfectly simple too. By using a multihead graphics card, you can deliver different messages around your installation with minimal additional investment.

  • Adder ALPV150 Plug and Play

    Absolute Simplicity

    Getting into professional Digital Signage has never been so easy - simply plug the transmitters VGA port into your computer and plug in the USB port, then plug the receiver unit into your screen. Finally, connect the two units together with a length of CATx cable and you are done. Now start delivering your message to customers, visitors, staff or whoever you wish.

  • Adder ALPV150 Intelligent EDID management

    Advanced DDC Protocol

    The AdderLink LPV fully supports DDC. Unless an extender actively supports DDC (Dynamic Data Channel), some well-known high performance video cards cannot be used at high resolution.

  • Adder ALDV120P - Perfect video wall / digital signage companion

    Perfect digital signage & video wall companion

    There are many types of signage technology available on the market, from small players which sit alongside the screen to streaming MPEG around large bandwidth networks. AdderLink LPV is based upon reliability, quality and simplicity. Delivery of content over CATx cable is by far the simplest and the safest way to deliver your message, requiring minimal disruption to install. CATx cable can be routed invisibly to your screens. Line extension solutions simply allow you everything to keep tidy and easy to use by locating the computer almost anywhere you like.

  • Adder ALPV150 Plug and Play

    Fit and Forget

    Adder Digital Signage products are the professional choice because they give you the ability to deliver, fit and forget installations. The LPV is no exception. Rigorously tested in Adder's technology labs, so you can buy with real confidence.

  • Adder ALPV150 - Robust yet lightweight - Built to last

    Built to last - Robust yet lightweight

    Adder Technology have a well-earned reputation for creating products that perform well and stay the course. AdderLink LPV 150 is no exception and features tough, yet lightweight ABS enclosures to ensure they can easily withstand environmental pressures. The internal components and external connectors too are selected for their reliability in addition to their performance characteristics.

ALPV150P-US Package Contents

Adder ALPV150 Package Contents

  1. (1) ALDV120R Remote (Receiver) Unit
  2. (1) ALDV120T Local (Transmitter) Unit

Adder ALPV150 Specifications

Transmitter & Receiver (excluding cables)High impact injection molding
Height63 mm. (2.48 in.)
Width45 mm. (1.77 in.)
Depth21 mm. (.83 in.)
Video ResolutionUp to 1080 HD video resolution including 1080i & 720p
Extension Distanceup to 150m/500ft
O/S CompatabilityOperating system independent
Local endVGA, USB (for power) RJ45
Remote endVGA
PowerLocal interface powered, via USB
Operating Temperature0-40C
ApprovalsCE, FCC

This product is the replacement for the CatLinc VGA-L.

ALPV150 is also known as the LPV, LPV150, ALPV150-US and ALPV150-USA.