Aten 8 Port 15"LCD Slideaway console drawer



Recommended replacement: Raloy RF117HD
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ATEN's new 8-port Master View, CL1758, is a control unit that allows access to multiple computers from a single KVM (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), console. A single CL1758 can control up to 8 PS/2 or USB computers. Cascading to three levels of CS1758s, CL1758 can control up to 512 PS/2 or USB computers.

The CL1758 offers a space-saving, streamlined approach to KVM switch technology by integrating a keyboard, LCD monitor, and touchpad in a 1U Slideaway housing. The LCD display is built into the cover; the keyboard and touchpad are built into the base. Setup is fast and easy; simply plug cables into their appropriate ports. There is no software to configure, no installation routines, and no incompatibility problem. Slide the KVM module section out; flip the cover up; and you are ready to go to work. When finished, flip the cover down and slide the KVM module away.

For further convenience and flexibility, the switch also supports an external keyboard, monitor, and mouse console that allow the second user access remotely or locally. Work with ATEN's IP access unit (CN5000), you can control attached computers anywhere around the world.

There is no better way to save time and money than with a CL1758 installation. By using the CL1758 to manage your installation, you: (1) eliminate the expense of having to purchase a separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse for each computer; (2) save all the space those extra components would take up; (3) save the space that a keyboard, monitor, and mouse would take with a standard KVM switch; (4) save on energy costs; and (5) eliminate the inconvenience and wasted effort involved in constantly moving from one computer to another.

ATEN 8-port Master View CL1758 Features and Benefits:

  • A single LCD console drawer with built-in KVM switch controls up to 8 USB or PS2 computers directly
  • 8-port KVM switch, keyboard, touch pad, all in a 1-U high and 19"rack-mountable unit
  • Dual consoles design - remote access ready
  • Auto-sensing of station position on daisy chained installations - no need for manual DIP switch setting
  • Cascade up to 64 CS9138 KVM units and control up to 512 computers from a single console
  • No software required
  • Convenient computer selection via Pushbutton, Hotkey and OSD
  • AutoScan feature for monitoring selected computers
  • Hot pluggable - add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
  • Two level password protection - up to four authorized users and an administrator view and control the computers - separate profiles for each
  • Two level logout - manual and timed
  • Firmware upgrade through flash ROM
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation - computers boot even when the console focus is elsewhere
  • 15" RGB analog LCD display supporting high XGA resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 with 250cdKit Depth/m(sq) brightness
Rack Mounting Kit Depth
Long (Optional) 68cm - 110cm
Short (Standard) 42cm - 82cm
Easy Installation
Rack Mounting Kit
Long (Optional) 68cm - 105cm
Short (Optional) 52cm - 70cm

ATEN 8-port Master View CL1758 Requirements: 
The following equipment must be installed on each computer:

VGA, SVGA or Multisync card; (Note: Since the integrated LCD monitor's maximum resolution is 1024 x 768, make sure that the computer resolution settings do not exceed 1024 x 768.)

6-pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) mouse port; a 6-pin mini-DIN (PS/2 Style) keyboard port with +5V DC on pin 4 and Ground on pin
For SUN servers: Servers with VGA and PS/2 connections (such as the SUN Cobalt)are supported; the legacy 13W3 SUN servers require additional adapters. The Spac SUN workstation with USB connection is supported with an additional adapter.

Cables: For optimum signal integrity and to simplify the layout, we strongly recommend that you use the following high quality ATEN Custom Cables:

ATEN KVM to computers:

For PS/2:  2L5202P - 6' , 2L5203P - 10' , 2L5206P - 20'
For USB: 2L5202U - 6' , 2L5203U - 10' , 2L5205U - 15'

Note: 1. CL1758L does not support serial mice. You cannot use Serial-to-PS/2 adapters with the extender cables 2. If your computer uses an AT style keyboard socket you will need to purchase a STANDARD PS/2-to-AT keyboard adapter, in order to plug the cable into keyboard port of the computer.)

ATEN 8-port Master View CL1758 Specifications:

Width 26.4 in. (67.0 cm)
Height 5.5 in. (14.0 cm)
Length 28.4 in. (72.0 cm)
Case Qty. 1
Package Dimensions  
Width 22.3 in. (56.7 cm)
Length 27.7 in. (70.3 cm)
Height 4.3 in. (10.9 cm)
Computer Connections  
Direct 8
Daisy Chain or Cascading 512 (Cascading)
Mouse PS/2, USB
Keyboard PS/2, USB
On Line 8 (Orange)
Power On 1 (Blue)
Selected 8 (Green)
Console Connectors  
Monitor 1 x HDB-15 Female
Keyboard 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN Female
Flash ROM Upgrade RJ-11
Mouse 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN Female
Case Metal
Case Wt. 46.2 lb. (21.0 kg)
Package Wt. 46.2 lb. (21.0 kg)
Unit Wt. w/accessories 41.8 lb. (19.0 kg)
Depth 24.7 in. (62.70 cm)
Width 19.0 in. (48.0 cm)
Height 1.7 in. (4.4 cm)
CPU Connectors  
Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor 8 x SPDB15 Female
Daisy Chain 1 x DB-25 Male
Operating Temperature 32F~122F (0C~50C)
Port Selection Push buttom, Hotkeys ; OSD (On Screen Display)
Storage Temperature -4F~140F (-20C~60C)
Video Resolution 15" LCD : 1024 x 768 ; DDC2B
Humidity 0~80% RH
Power Consumption 120V 60HZ 24W / 230V 50HZ 24W

Package Contents:
1x CL-1758 KVM Switch witch Standard Rack Mounting Kit
2x KVM Cable (1x 6ft. PS2,1x 6ft. USB)
1x Firmware Upgrade Cable
1x Power Cord
1x User Manual
1x Quick Start Guide