USB 2.0 Extender - Four USB 2.0 ports, singlemode fiber



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Model: Single-Mode

The Rose CLK-4U2FS-30K is a USB 2.0 Extender - Four USB 2.0 ports, singlemode fiber. The CrystalLink USB Fiber extender is the extender of choice for extending a USB device over a great distance. The CrystalLink USB fiber extender makes this possible by the use of fiber optic cable. You can fully operate and control a USB device from as far away as 33,000 feet using singlemode fiber cable. Access to your USB devices is made convenient in a variety of situations.You can locate users away from hazardous environments where the USB device is located, locate devices away from areas vulnerable to theft, reduce noise and heat; increase desk and floor space.

The CrystalLink USB Fiber extenders are usually sold in pairs, a local unit and a remote unit. The local unit connects to your computers USB port and the remote unit connects to four USB 1.1 or 2.0 devices. The Local and remote unit are connected together with fiber optic cable. Installing the CrystalLink USB fiber extender is as simple as connecting the computers USB port to the local unit, up to four USB 1.1 or 2.0 devices to the remote unit and connecting the local and remote units together with fiber cable. Connect the remote USB devices (4) to the remote USB ports. Connect a DVD burner, USB cameras, or other USB devices. Each USB port on the remote unit can supply up to 500 ma of power. Expanding CrystalLink with a USB hub in addition to extending to four USB devices, you can add a standard USB hub to the remote unit to access additional USB devices. Connecting a single 4-port hub to one of the remote USB ports will reduce the available power for the 4 additional ports to 125ma per port.

Rose CLK-4U2FS-30K Features:

  • Supports USB 1.1 (low and full speed) and USB 2.0 (high-speed)
  • Extends USB devices up to 33,000 feet (10km) over singlemode fiber, 1,650 feet (500m) over multimode fiber
  • 4-USB ports on remote unit
  • Standard USB hubs can be used to increase the number of connected USB devices
  • Up to 500 ma of power is available at each USB port for powering high-power USB devices
  • Plug-and-Play installation, no configuration or set-up needed. Installation consists of:
    1- Connecting the transmitter to your
    computers USB port
    2- Connecting the receiver to a USB
    3- Connect the transmitter to the receiver
    with fiber cable
    4- Apply power to both the transmitter
    and receiver and installation is complete.

Rose CLK-4U2FS-30K Application Diagram

Rose CLK-4U2FS-30K Application Diagram

Rose CLK-4U2FS-30K Specifications:

Width 4.25 in. (108 mm.)
Height 1.31 in. (33.3 mm.)
Depth 3.32 in. (84.1 mm.)
Weight 0.6 lbs. (0.27 kg.)
Distance 1650 feet (500m) Multimode 50/125μm
33,000 feet (10km) Singlemode 9/125μm
Power (2) + 5V DC/3A
Output power at each USB port 4 x 500ma
Local 1-USB Type B
Interconnect- Fiber duplex LC
Remote 4- USB Type A
Interconnect- Fiber duplex LC
Environment Operating Temp. 40F-104F (4C-40C)
Approvals FCC, CE Class A