Rose Electronic PS/2 to USB, Switch to USB Keyboard and Mouse Adaptor


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Rose Translator (CNV-PSUSB)
The perfect companion to Rose KVM switches of all types, the Rose Translator (CNV-PSUSB) compact unit converts PC keyboard and PS/2 mouse to four different types of computers. The Rose Translator (CNV-PSUSB) was designed to provide a simple means for connecting Apple, Sun, Dec Alpha, and SGI Onyx computers to Rose or any other PC type KVM switches. The Rose Translator (CNV-PSUSB) uses power from the KVM switch or computer so that no external power is required. Just plug it in, and it turns any PC KVM switch into a multi-platform switch.

Rose Electronics CNV-PSUSB Application
Rose Electronics CNV-PSUSB Application

Rose Translator (CNV-PSUSB) Features & Benefits:

  • Connects Sun, Apple, DEC Alpha, and SGI Onyx computers to Rose, or any other KVM switches
  • Very small and compact unit
  • Connects directly to Rose switch with DB25 connectors
  • Compatible with all Rose products with DB25 connector such as Vista, ServeView, UltraView, UltraMatrix, MultiVideo, MultiStation, ClassView, and others
  • Installs easily between switch and UltraCable
  • Uses UltraCable for superior cable management with lengths of up to 100 feet
  • Supports Apple and Sun power-on function from keyboard
  • Uses extra keys on Windows keyboard to map to extra keys on Apple and Sun keyboards
  • International versions available
  • LED on side of unit shows that Translator is receiving power
  • Flow through video